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Euro 2020(21)

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He has been pretty shite the in each game

Don't want much of him but more and more stories seem to be coming out that Mbappe ego is getting a bit to big

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That French team are a bunch of twats. I didn’t see any of them go to M’bappe. Just left him to walk off alone. Cunts.


Made up for the Swiss. And Poogba looking like a wanker with his stupid little dance now.

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2 hours ago, TheDrowningMan said:

Good header, poor defending. There is absolutely zero chance France fail to win this one though.


2 hours ago, Chocoholic said:

The AntiOracle has spoken - Might as well turn it off now

 The die was cast over 2 1/2 hours ago

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    • I didn't absolve the EU of blame, any more than I absolved the UK or anywhere else of blame: I just pointed out that the problem highlighted in that article is the exploitation of migrant labour. As the article makes clear, it's a global problem. It's misleading, at best, to try to frame it as an EU problem.   Now that the UK has left the EU, those underpaid & overworked East Europeans in places like veg farms and sandwich factories will not be replaced by well-paid, well-respected British workers. That's not what Capitalism does. They will be replaced by people from poorer countries who will work for even less and will be even more exploitable, because they won't have the rights that come with citizenship. As a senior Tory secretly admitted in one of their WhatsApp groups, that's the whole point of Brexit.
    • Finally got around to watching the latest Tom Holland Spider-man movies after avoiding them due to hearing about the MCU interweaving and of course Far Away From Home, despite being a sequel, isn't a sequel really as you have had to watch all of The Avengers (i've not seen any) and probably other films to understand what the hell is going on initially. I really liked Homecoming but this whole thing about you needing to watch a load of stuff you aren't interested in just to get a handle on things is irritating, certainly in Far Away From Home.  I like Spider-man, i just don't care about the other MCU characters.      
    • The problem with the Brexit argument is that many people are stuck in black and white thinking. Much like the vaccination debate. The truth is there are fair arguments on both sides.   Taking inflation as an example. The world is largely experiencing rising inflation, so you are correct to point that out. And, as you yourself have pointed out on many occassions, Brexit has increased wages - costs which will inevitably be passed on to the consumer because that's how market forces work.   So there is truth in both sides of the argument - the world is experiencing higher inflationary pressures and Brexit is contributing (by your own admission) to those pressures. It is not true to say Brexit has no effect on inflation, nor is it true to say Britain's inflationary pressures are 100% down to Brexit.