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Featured: That was the week that was (May 10-14 2021)

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Monday May 10:


Alisson’s missus gives birth to their third child. Congratulations to them. Usually when a keeper becomes a dad there’s a joke to be made about the doctor handing him the baby and him dropping it. That doesn’t work with Alisson as his handling is really secure. What actually happened here though was the doc handed him the baby and he passed it straight to Che Adams.


On a similar note, Perrie Edwards announces she’s pregnant, so at least we know Ox has been putting all that spare time to good use. Happy for him, he’s a sound lad and I’m sure he’ll be a great dad. Can’t see his kid growing up with a scouse accent though as he’s surely going to be off this summer. One of the lads always says that “he’s got West Ham stamped through him like a stick of rock” and that’s probably a good shout.


Tuesday May 11:


United lose at home to Leicester with a severely weakened team. No surprise here and while I have a big problem about the situation and decision making process that led to this happening, I don’t have any problem with the team that was picked tonight. What else was he supposed to do? 


Technically the title was still up for grabs if they could have won tonight, but he couldn’t just send out the same players who played at the weekend, especially as they play again on Thursday against us. It’s easy to say ‘he rested everyone to try and beat us’ but it’s not that simple. 


If they’d have been playing us tonight what would he have done? I don’t think the team would have been much different, because he needs to protect his players, especially with a European final coming up. I suspect his line up would have been a bit stronger than it was, but he wouldn’t have picked his best eleven because it would have been stupid to take that risk.


The real problem here is that their fans caused our game to be postponed and as a result of that, Leicester benefited from it and we suffered (West Ham and Chelsea as well to some degree). United themselves suffered too because they were unable to drag the title race out a little further.


Of course City were going to win it at some point but they have been stalling lately and if United had kept the pressure on for another week you never know. At least make them win it on the pitch. They couldn’t do that because they had to play three games in five days and the middle one was always going to give Solskjaer a huge problem.


So the real villains here are the mutants that invaded the pitch, the PL for re-scheduling for this week because they didn’t want to inconvenience West Brom (who were clearly going to be already down anyway) and Sky. Why Sky? Because the PL should have just awarded us the points but that was never going to happen because it’s Sky’s biggest game of the season and they would not have allowed that to happen.


If we miss out on the top four, which now looks almost certain, it’s our own fault for losing all those home games. This didn’t help though and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. We need a miracle now.



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10 minutes ago, aws said:

Stupid Mancs should have put a tracker on both our coaches. 

The protester lad with the bad head tried and cant work out where he went wrong.


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Fuck those cunts. Fuck their fight against the Glazers. Fuck absolutely everything about that. Now, before, after, forever. 


100% correct. No Red can ever consider aligning with that shower of fucking garbage.

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Spot on about the “we’re Man United, we’ll do what we want” chant, possibly the most appropriate football chant ever. It'll be interesting to see if they try to get games stopped next season when the games are meaningful rather than dead rubbers.

I feel sorry for Klopp (and all the other modern managers) with the press conferences. He must have given more press conferences in his 5 years at the club than Shankly did in his 14. They should be allowed to speak just once before and once after each game.

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Having to do three or four different TV interviews straight after a game and then go to a press conference is ridiculous. Should be one TV interview that they all have to share, an interview with the clubs TV channel (which is far better than anything else anyway as the questions are better and Klopp is far more responsive because he knows the interviewer) and then the press conference.

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You're too easy on the gimp, Dave. If we'd played them instead of Leicester, he'd have picked a far stronger side than he did and would still have fielded a weak side against Leicester.


Good review though.

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They stopped the coach but let everyone take pictures of their car number plates. Move over Moriarty.

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    • and they're going 'why am I so massive'?
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