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Mane: This is the worst season of my career

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Sadio Mane has opened up about his below par season admitting that it has been the worst of his career.


The struggles of the Senegalese superstar been well documented with the 29 year-old currently on track for his lowest league goal tally since arriving in England.


While Mane has scored twice in his last three games, he is still in single figures (9) and needs one more goal to equal his tally from the 2014/5 and 2017/8 seasons.


While Mane only scored 10 league goals in the 2017/8 season, he was outstanding in the Champions League also scoring 10 times in that competition.


But there has been no saving grace during this campaign, as Mane scored just three goals in Europe and in 14 in all competitions.


There has been many theories into what has been behind the sudden drop-off in Mane's form including the lingering effects from having COVID-19, suffering from a heavy workload over the previous few seasons, or that he just does not like playing alongside Mo Salah.


All that speculation has been put to bed in a interview with French outlet Canal Plus (via the Echo) with Mane giving a honest explanation.


 “If you ask me what is wrong I will struggle to give you an answer. Personally I don't know.


“This is the worst season of my career, I have to admit it.


“I have always tried to be positive, whether things are going well or badly. I question myself all the time.


Mane went to the extent of going through a complete physical examination to make sure there was no particular ailment that was hindering his performance.




“I underwent a test to take a look at my body. 


“Am I eating the right foods, or has everything changed? But they checked the test results, and everything is fine.


"I need to understand that in life there are ups and downs. I will keep on working hard - and perhaps in time this situation will pass."


Jurgen Klopp and everyone associated with the club will be hoping that this is just a blip on the radar and not the start of a downward trend in his output.


Mane has been a major reason why Liverpool had  the success over the previous two seasons and in many ways was underrated in his excellence.


However Sadio is certainly not on his own in terms of having a poor season, and probably the only benefit of having a disastrous campaign like Liverpool have endured is that every individual is impacted and you cannot hide away from it.


Every player has to be better and aim to reach their previous levels if they are to challenge for honours yet again.




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4 hours ago, Elite said:

I'm not convinced he can bounce back to the player he was.


I'd give him a better chance than Bobby.  He hasn't fallen as far, and he's really putting the work in.

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