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Premier League Round Up (Apr 16-22 2021)

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Bit of a fractured round of fixtures this week because of the FA Cup. There have been games every day since last Friday though so still plenty to get through.


Let’s kick off at the Pit last week where Spurs led once and trailed once in a game that turned out to be Mourinho’s last one in charge.


Kane scored twice while Spurs old boy Gylffi Sigurdsson did likewise for High Horse FC. Kane hit the bar with a brilliantly improvised header and then went off injured as his crisp bag ankles let him down again. He’s doubtful for the League Cup final this weekend now.


I don’t even know who they’re playing. I’m assuming it’s City but I’ve paid zero attention to it so genuinely don’t know. If they are playing City without Kane then they’ve got no chance.


Spurs sacked Mourinho the day after the Super League news broke. There were some rumours that he refused to take training in protest at it. Not sure if he was unhappy about the idea itself or the fact he was kept in the dark about it. Don’t really care. He was a genuinely awful fit for Spurs and they should never have appointed him. It was always going to end like this.


What happens next is going to be interesting. No top club is going to touch him and it remains to be seen if he can put his ego to one side and take charge of a smaller club with a lesser budget. I’d love to see him give it a go at somewhere like Newcastle or even a relegated club like West Brom or Sheffield United.


He doesn’t need the money but his reputation has been seriously eroded over the last decade. Taking over a lesser light and getting them promoted and then challenging for a European spot would be a great riposte to the accusations he only every takes the easy option.


I hope he does. There was a time when I despised him more than anyone else in football but over recent years I’ve warmed to him a bit. I’m not saying I like him, but I no longer hate him and I feel like he’s not the massive twat he once was. Much of it is an act. He’s playing a role, like last week with that “Ole is a terrible dad because he starves his kids” schtick. That was brilliant. I hope he's back soon but at somewhere that is actually going to be interesting. 



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Regardless of what you think of Mourinho - and I think about as little of Spurs, in fact, probably less - if you're getting sacked when you're still right in the mix for a European Cup berth... it's pretty shit.

Who do they think they are, Real fucking Madrid?

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I think I started to change my mind on Jose (I wouldn’t have called him that a few years ago so that kinda proves it ) after he spoke so gushingly a few times about us on the way to winning number six 

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