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    • The problem with Williams is that Trent is 21. He ain't going anywhere for 10 years.    It is a bit of a poster about Hoever - as hli think he would have been ideal last season and would play and offer cover for a few positions. We went with Neko and he now wants off. 
    • Yes, because even if he was good, he'd want to leave. As it is, he's not good and he wants to leave. 
    • French players are playing in England, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Very few English players go abroad. The two in Germany Southgate seems to have no intention of playing. Trippier went to play in Spain and has improved immeasurably.   English footballers stay in their comfort zone and get babysat by foreigners in the Premier League.   Same goes for the managers. Allardyce moaning about him and his LMA gimp gang not getting top jobs. Well, why not fuck off abroad and work your way up. Learn something about the game.    It's why, despite the fact he's a bit of a tit, I've got respect for McClaren. He went to Holland and won a title. Who was the last English manager to win a title before him? Robson?    
    • I get the point about Williams being a capable back up but in today's game you need to be playing regular games around 20 to have any hope of developing into a top player and ideally want to be playing at your preferred level by 24-25 at the latest. He's in direct competition with TAA and I've seen nothing to suggest he's taking it off of him anytime within the next 3-4 years which means it's probably best for all parties if he moves on. Back ups in this day an age tend to be journeymen who're happy being in the top level but not consistently starting and older players who're likely on their final contract/came on a free. The exception of course is when you're phasing out an older player. If Trent was 28 or older it would make perfect sense to keep Williams around but as it is he needs to start playing regularly to see if he develops and therefore should be moved on for the right price. No doubt if we honestly rate him highly we'll have a buyback clause in the transfer agreement anyway.
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