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    • Well you could say that about Edwards. He was the mastermind behind our summer transfer dealings after Suarez left. Edwards only got on track when he had klopp holding his hand. The very same could be true of spurs depending who they hire as manager.  I thought last season was interesting with kane. He seemed to have a couple of incidents with his ankles and be back in no time - in fact I seem to remember one point where he left the pitch like he might never walk properly again and he was back maybe the next match or the one after. Mourinho mentioned with one time he went off something like "it's one thing to play with one injured ankle, but it's another to play with 2". It makes me wonder if he's maybe taking injections or just playing through substantial pain to play. There's no doubt at the euros he doesn't look fit, he can barely turn.    His goals speak for themselves, but I think anyone who signs him is taking a bit of a gamble as I think it remains to be seen if he can continue. If I was betting, I would say he's more likely to head in the direction of Torres or schevcheko when they joined Chelsea than to continue the trajectory he's been on. 
    • Yeah, it's a terrible read that and just makes aldo sound jealous. 
    • Fucking hell Aldo!  I agree that Rafa is too good for Everton and they'll never truly accept him but when did Aldridge get so bitter?
    • My advice to my Everton pals - don't touch Rafa Benitez with a barge pole - John Aldridge   EVERTON are flirting with the idea of appointing ­Rafael Benitez as their new manager, and my advice to them could not be ­ clearer – don’t do it.   The prospect of a former Liverpool manager taking over at Goodison Park will send a shiver down the spine of many Evertonians, and some of my blue nose friends are not happy about it. I saw former Everton keeper Neville Southall saying their fans will never accept Benitez as manager and I think he’s spot on.   Rafa will always be a Red and even though he has made Liverpool his home and I’m sure he would love the Everton job, he is not the right fit for them.   He would stabilise Everton, get them into the top half of the table next ­season and might even get them near a Cup final, but the style of football he promotes and the way he does things is not to everyone’s liking. When Benitez is running a club, it’s his way or the highway and that’s not ideal if you are not one of his men. Look at the way he treated Robbie Keane after he made his dream move to Liverpool in 2008.   Of course, there are two sides to the Benitez debate and there will always be plenty of Liverpool fans who will always hold Benitez in high esteem, as he was the manager who brought the fifth European Cup to the club on that famous night in Istanbul back in 2005.   It is an achievement that can never be taken from him, but there are some myths about that night that need to be popped.   First of all, he picked the wrong team to start that final in Istanbul, as Harry Kewell should not have started and the ­balance of the team was all wrong as AC Milan went 3-0 ahead.   Secondly, Benitez was about to take Djimi Traore off at half-time before Steve Finnan told him he was injured, and so he had to change his plans, which was a lucky break that went his way.   And thirdly, Steven Gerrard’s iconic performance dragged Liverpool to victory that night and gave Benitez the Champions League win that will always be on his record.   Rafa’s tactics were important in getting Liverpool through to that 2005 Champions League final and he was also inventive, as his side reached the 2007 final of that competition as well.   Yet the way it ended for him at Liverpool should not be forgotten.   He gave the green light for the club to sign way too many players who were not good enough to play for Liverpool reserves and you have to ask why those players ended up at the club?   Management is a lucrative game these days as the guys at the top get paid huge amounts and even if they fail, they get multi-millions euro pay-offs.   Benitez is proof of that and you should see the house he lives on a clifftop with panoramic views of the River Dee on the Wirral.   It’s one of the biggest houses on Merseyside, but is he really the right man for Everton now?   https://www.sundayworld.com/sport/soccer/my-advice-to-my-everton-pals-dont-touch-rafa-benitez-with-a-barge-pole-40558032.html   And so he goes on, I'm getting the impression he isn't Rafa's best friend. But yeah, one of the biggest houses on the Wirral definitely means the bitters shouldn't even consider Rafa.    Sorry John, loved you as a player but christ you're bitter.   
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