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Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

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1 minute ago, 3 Stacks said:

Mane for Firmino made absolutely no sense.

Yes, it had to be for one of the central midfielders or Jota.


Or just, not.

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    • Where has it been suggested we’re not offering Salah enough money?   Given Mo’s age, that he already gets, allegedly, £200k per week and his powers are likely to decrease during the length his next contract, what should we be looking at?   If (and I’m not saying he will) we were to move Salah on for whatever reason, it certainly leaves space to make lucrative offers to other players.
    • Yeah that was heavy that night. They were kicking off about bottles being thrown at a few bus windows yet they took a firm to Millwall and rampaged through an estate 2 seasons ago. Mention that to them, they change the subject quicker than a tory. 
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    • I don't think even Barcelona would be stupid enough to sell Fati.
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