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RB Leipzig (H) Champions League - 10/3/21

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Anyone who said anything about Mo on this thread can go fuck themselves.


Know-nothing cunts.

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2 minutes ago, waddy78 said:

It was unthinkable 6 months ago but it might be time in the summer to let a couple go.

Ignore this post.


Bout time get in Mo.

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    • Van Persie is a great shout. He's probably exactly what the buyer is getting here only 6 times the price.   Van Persie had one good season, they won the league and he scored 26 goals. The following seasons he scored 12 and 10 goals and was sold for £3m.    If money wasn't an object everyone on here would take Kane whether they admit it or not. He's brilliant but he's a crock, Daniel Levy will be delighted with this news but also shitting it he breaks down again before he's sold.
    • It doesn't matter a shite if Man Utd (where Kane will no doubt end up) pay £100m or £150m for him if he does well, which he would as he's a phenomenal goal scorer.  We saw it with people bleating about what we were paying for VVD and Becker only for them to go very quiet very quickly when they realised how good they were.   Kane at Utd would make them title challengers.  He's that good.  Man Utd are a team who rely on good players as their manager wouldn't know a tactic from a tictac. "Just get the ball to Kane in the box" is an easy one and one that'd work with the quality they have.   Also, Man Utd are the devils club and never seem to get bad injuries*   *If someone posts showing key Man Utd players with bad injuries I will ignore it as it doesn't suit my narrative
    • Looking forward to Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher's joint plea for a Liverpool/United protest against the Glazers running the club into the ground when they buy Harry Kane.    Kane to them, Haaland to City, I reckon.    If we were to go big, I think Sancho would be our limit, but we won't do that without selling either. 
    • Would be a significant week in Rodgers' career if his side get the three points tonight. I'm not sure how seriously I'd take domestic trophies in Scotland, but an FA Cup win and a second win over Chelsea would show that he's able to compete against the Oil/Petrol clubs. Would be something of a victory for football in that regard. 
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