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Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

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Complete horseshit finish yet again. At least we had a break there. Hopefully he can tank some confidence on that one. Get back to your best soon Bobby ffs. Even my wife is starting to think having a couple wee ones with him isn't that attractive anymore.

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Just now, TheDrowningMan said:

Firmino is like an ageing boxer who occasionally has a round or two where he looks just about as good as he did in his prime. 

He'd fucking batter you 

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Just now, Halcyon Days said:

Just been for a long piss missed that, get the fuck in lads!

Get the fucking doctors 

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Just now, Bobby Hundreds said:

Phillips has the pace of a tortoise in slug skin slippers running the wrong way on an escalator into a heavy headwind... backwards.

And he’s still quicker than Danny Murphy

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    • You mean they’ve finally finished it? 
      I’d assume they can move it back another season?   Lets face it, given the current situation and rules on travel, it would be absolutely crazy to make supporters go there.   They should keep moving the CL away from Istanbul until we get there again!   Apparently they can’t play it at Wembley because the play off finals are that weekend, but surely they could just move those to Spurs, Arsenal or West Ham?   If Arsenal qualify tonight, the EL should be held in the UK as well.
    • Salah will be expecting in the neighborhood of 350k a week this time around. He would get that at Barca, Real, PSG, hell even a club like Juve. My guess is we keep him for two years and he leaves on a free.
    • Where has it been suggested we’re not offering Salah enough money?   Given Mo’s age, that he already gets, allegedly, £200k per week and his powers are likely to decrease during the length his next contract, what should we be looking at?   If (and I’m not saying we will) we were to move Salah on for whatever reason, it certainly leaves space to make lucrative offers to other players.
    • Yeah that was heavy that night. They were kicking off about bottles being thrown at a few bus windows yet they took a firm to Millwall and rampaged through an estate 2 seasons ago. Mention that to them, they change the subject quicker than a tory. 
    • I'd imagine the owners of the Ataturk stadium would be pissed if that happens. They've spent a fair bit of money on stadium improvements and surrounding infrastructure, and last year's final was already moved from Istanbul to Lisbon as UEFA set up that mini tournament to get around the Covid issue.
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