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Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

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2 minutes ago, Poster said:

Saved by the flag, unless VAR screws us 

That’s the whole issue - it was clearly offside, linesman put his flag up. Compulsory var check and bingo anything can happen

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    • I'm looking at this with a sense of grim inevitability. They've been touting it for years, so it was only a matter of time before something happened. Lots of pearl clutching about, but things change in football. The premier league, the European Cup being replaced, the Cup winners Cup ending etc.    The cynic in me thinks it might be a bargaining tool for English clubs to negotiate their own TV deals maybe?   If it happens I'll still watch it. For all these kick off from the smaller teams, watch them clamour places when the entry criteria is announced. 
    • Thats all good, and I agree football died last summer.   But how are we competing with them in this format?
    • Not sure if I get your point here CP.  Do you mean that they were desperate for Saudi Arabian ownership?   I'm pretty sure still that the majority of English fans would prefer the German ownership model (and ticket prices) opposed to the chance that they might get lucky with a billionaire.  The only ones I reckon that wouldn't go for it in huge numbers would be Man City and Chelsea.   But maybe I'm wrong.
    • I will say, it's funny how if you didn't know any better, you'd think people running football we're literally trying to get people to get turned off with the sport.   Russian and Qatar World Cups, the appallingly incompetent usage of VAR and now this Super League. They're doing a great job infuriating people and being even more cunty in a sport that was already run in such a cuntish manner before the past couple years.
    • The amount of shite being posted onlone is fucking hilarious. The wannabe journos from fan shite have taken a rest from XG and other bullshit to post about this. Read one earlier claiming that even if Liverpool finish top 4 they won't be in Europe next year because they pulled out of the European Club Association so now cannot compete in Europe. He's surprisingly not replied to me telling him it's bollocks and pointing out Wolves and Burnley both played European football while not being members.    It's shit, but so is everything in football these days. But just like if the big 6 broke away and invited Everton, Leeds, Newcastle, Villa, Leicester, Wolves, Celtic and Rangers  to compete in a new British Super League they would all change tune and be in straight away
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