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Flying. Everything planes.

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2 hours ago, Stouffer said:

Fucking he'll Rog, that sounds magic.


Nipping over to France for a pack of Gauloises and a baguette then smoking the full pack on the way home with the wind flicking at the mane.

I smoke me tits off when I'm flying. A little vent in the cockpit canopy lets air in one way and sucks it out the other. It's like your best ever ashtray. Pity the poor buggers having a barby in their garden when a fag butt lands on their pork cutlet. "Where the fuck did THAT come from?" 


And my vape is good for those in between fags moments. 

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There’s a project rebuilding a crashed Spitfire that was shot down and over Norway. Pilot was in the PRU ( Photographic Reconnaissance Unit) and was captured and later escaped in the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III. He was then shot by the Germans. 


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    • I've never seen him do anything that makes him stand out, although I've probably seen more of him playing for England and they seem to do that to everyone. 100m seems an awful lot though. 
    • I am saying he would play every week and that if we have the luxury of Thiago being fit he would play in a midfield 3 with him. Clearly, on the basis he plays every week, he would have the quality to play any of the midfield 3 positions. That would allow Thiago to go wherever he wanted while having no defensive responsibilities. Yeah, we had lots of the ball against Spurs and Spurs continually broke the pressure by playing the ball into Kane and Son in the space in between the lines who then caused us problems moving forward and in behind. It broke our pressure and destabilised us. It was a clear tactic and gave them confidence. As the game went on we became more disjointed and they more confident. Son and Kane continually dropped into the space between the lines and it led to their goal. We then scored a deflected goal.   If you don't have a weak spot there then they cannot get out and eventually the pressure would have told and we would have probably won comfortably.        
    • Never liked the overpaid gobshite and his sickly, sycophantic interviews with "celebrities". Added to that, his insistence on reading out the news again at the start of his show; just after it was read out 2 minutes previously by the actual news segment as he probably believed people only tuned in for him straight after the news.
    • He is.   Possibly; I believe that the club are looking to make loans for our full-backs with teams that play with a back four rather than wing-backs, and preferably with teams that are dominating games at their level, which better resembles our style of play, both in terms of attack and also having to do most of their defending against counter-attacks, and it's a reasonable assumption that Bolton are going to do that this season. There's not a lot of Championship options, especially if you factor in the number of team that don't want to do business with us, either at the board level (e.g. Watford, Hull, Boro...), or due to the manager (we won't be rushing to do business with Swansea this summer), or else can't take on loans because of their financial situation (yes, Reading are three weeks from bankruptcy again), and Scotland doesn't have any that are obviously better than League One either, barring the obvious two, neither of whom would be appropriate. As for loans outside Britain - you can't just MAKE players leave the country if they don't want to.