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    • Phillips will have a decent enough career playing for teams in the lower half of the PL who employ the 'low block' a lot.   He is decent at heading balls away from his goal, decent at clearances and will do a sound job defending his penalty area under pressure.   But for a team who employ a high line like we do and rely on centre halves to carry ball out and provide quality distribution he hasn't got the pace or the quality required.   You see him sometimes for example carrying the ball into midfield and trying to ping a pass to one of the forwards, and he gives the ball away and is 20 yards out of position which leaves us vulnerable to a counter attack - and he lacks recovery pace.   He tends to vacate his position a bit too much - charging across to stuff and then leaves us exposed because he can't get there or makes a foul trying to - teams end up in behind us quite a bit as result.   He's a bit of a nuts and bolts defender though and does the last ditch stuff/stuff in his own box ok - but we need somebody more refined than that and we aren't a team who should be dropping deep and trying to hang on, something we have seen a fair bit this season.   He's become a cult hero and i get it - but for me people are getting a bit carried away about him.   Attitude is good and he's done ok, maybe he could be 4th/5th choice for us, but my guess is he'd be better off at Burnley or Newcastle or somewhere like that where he could do a job and play week in week out.    
    • Might be a little sour grapes there - looks like he started 11 out of their last 14 league games.   27 league games started - missed 4 due to injury - off the bench in 7.   Scored just one gola coming off the bench in the league.
    • Saw a blip on the text of the match that this was the first gola that Salah and Mane have hooked up togerther on in the league this season.   That cann'ae be true can it?
    • Yeah exactly. I actually have a feeling we might still get top 4, but if we don't I won't be holding it against the little Goblin. It was all those daft results since Christmas that has cost us, along with a drop off in performance from numerous stalwarts. Him puting out a weak team against Leicester and a strong one against us would be classic him though.   I think in some ways this kind of season does United no favours in the medium to long term though. The Europa League (isn't the old Uefa Cup) and second in the league looks progress on paper, but City aren't going anywhere, I expect us back in the mix next season and Chelsea are going to be right up there (possible favourites). I think Goblin has had a decent season and for his limitations he has had a birdie season, but not a fucking chance that gobshite finishes above Jurgen, Tuchel and Pep on a regular basis. If they lose Cavani, that is a big loss because it will be about 100 million to get what he gives them.
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