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    • Whatever it's meant to be, and whether we've signed up to it or not, the key part in all of this is that we as a club are not seen as the main driving force behind it, as happened with Project Big Picture. The Mancs were as involved as we were with that, but they managed to portray themselves as simply following our lead when the shit hit the fan with the media. We're always going to be seen as one of the main players for a breakaway league but that is preferable to being viewed as the instigator.
    • Just leave the fucking game alone! Fuck VAR and fuck all this new bollocks. Oh and City aren't 'Big 6' they are lottery winning wankers who nobody is even arsed about. Wankers
    • It's just panic setting in that it undermines the fsg sell to buy model. The only people arsed about a sell on clause are those dreaming of one day selling him on and moneyballing it in the next transfer window. Everybody slightly normal would be thinking  1. He's a bargain 2. We want him to play his career here. So we don't need to care about sell on clauses.  3. If he wants to go to some mega rich club somewhere down the line, it means we've had a wonder talent on our hands and enjoyed his success for a initial tiny fee.  4. If he doesn't go on to hit the heights we all hope, it's still a tiny fee and we'll clearly still make a profit. It reduces the risk of the transfer should some of the fee today be linked to future sell on.  5. It's only right the club that develops him gets a reasonable fee for developing a talent that we thought was good enough to play in our 1st team squad at 16!    Bottom line, surely all anyone wants is him to be fucking brilliant and spend his career here? Who's arsed about a sell on?
    • They literally make it up as they go along. That offside was really tight yet they looked at it for all of 30 seconds yet Firmino’s last week was checked for about 3 minutes till they got the line right so they could disallow it   
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