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    • All the stuff that is continually being said about it would nearly drag you towards wanting the horrible ESL.   The other 14 are greedy bastards and the owners of pretty much any football league team is also. That's business. The days of Jack Walker caring about his local townspeople is well and truly over. All these fans concerned about spreading the money, like say West Ham fans should be happy to say to Uefa that only one team from each country makes the Champions League so their place goes to say the Armenian champions. That would be equality at play. No chance of that being popular with more than 1% of the West Ham fans. In fact, it would be higher among our fanbase who are the fairest imo when it comes to things like that.   Uefa going on about fairness have the power to look after the smaller leagues and spread the wealth which will have a knock on positively on the international game. Instead their new format helps the big clubs and the big leagues. They decide to punish us - it will be West Ham or Everton benefitting rather than the champions of Luxemburg. They can really do one.   Sky and BT can royally fuck off. Jake Humphries going on about great the Leicester owners are - as if they were invited to the ESL party they would have said they weren't interested.    I hate the ESL because it's people like us on here that would lose out when there are games are being played in Asia or being played at times to suit Asian or American audiences. I don't believe in stopping Stoke or Middlesboro from playing us or United again. Still this is the victory of one greedy cartel over another rather than any heroic slaying of the big bad beast. I loved them getting the opinion of Fat Sam before the game - yeah the bloke who got sacked from England from being a greedy bastard. 
    • Have West Brom suggested we be relegated in their place yet?
    • That fat cunt allardyce will jump ship from west brom before the last game of the season so he can say he maintained his record of never being relegated from the PL.
    • We saw this year where the clubs in Europe wanted the extra subs but the rest litterally said it doesn't benefit us only you so no. So unlike most leagues in Europe we are stuck with 3 subs. They moan like fuck about the preferential treatment the big 6 get, yet all act on mass against them if they want something back. They want all the benefits of the big 6 when it comes to the money they bring into the league but then moan about the tv airtime we get for it.    The super league was a shit idea in how it was pushed but would i be against breaking up the monopoly UEFA hold or the fact that Sheff Utd,Watford,Burnely,Fulham etc hold the same weight in voting as the clubs that have been there from the start and bring in the revenue. No i wouldn't, now the latest push seems to be trying to force the clubs executives off every EPL committee    If i was any of these clubs i would tell them to fuck off. Fans are trying to push this L9 Rule that was supposedly broken. It would never stand up in court as a broken rule and the 6 clubs should as a whole say fuck off with any idea of punishment. its no surprise its Leeds,West Ham,Villa and Everton fans crying the most as they would benefit from bans and points deductions. Thats the same Villa and West Ham that tried to hold the league to ransom and stop promotion and relegation last year caus they might have gone down. And the same West Ham that only stayed up a while back because they fielded a player pretty much illegally for months by having him as a3rd party player, the same West Ham that Tory cunt of a board member did a dodogy deal with a tory major to get a free stadium and still have the police and council pick up large parts of the bill. And Villa that only stayed up cause some fuck didn't set up VAR correctly   Had it with some dickhead last night trying to say they signed for the league so its 'intent' The rule doesn't say fuck all about intent it says enter or play and good luck saying these teams entered into a competition during the season. No competition started,no fixtures apporved. It was a plan to start a new competition that didn't happen.    Rule L9 states that:   “Except with the prior written approval of the board, during the season a club shall not enter or play its senior men’s first team in any competition other than L.9.1 – The UEFA Champions League
      L.9.2 – The UEFA Europa League
      L.9.3 – The FA Cup
      L.9.4 – The FA Community Shield
      L.9.5 – The Football League Cup or
      L.9.6 – Competitions sanctioned by the County Association of which it is a member.”    
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