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Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

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Just now, Redder Lurtz said:

We didn't just need a win tonight, we needed a convincing performance. Even if we scrape a win here the performance has been fucking atrocious. 

Agree but I’d take a scruffy 1-0 now

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1 minute ago, Jairzinho said:

Trent seems to have replaced his peds with ket.

Why don’t they give the free kicks to someone else?

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This really starting to look like a team at the end of its lifespan


Problem is we don't sort this shit out and its Europa league at best next year and we will lose players and struggle to replace them. 

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Just now, suzy said:

Why don’t they give the free kicks to someone else?

He really should have been taken off. He hasn't looked like a professional footballer. 

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    • Class and above all else dignity.
    • What, the same courts that found the Government had illegally used the 'royal perogative' to disband Parliament, you mean?   Im mean knock yourself out if you think some half arsed lawyer jumping the Euro League debate is onto a winner with this. The 14 clubs wont eject the 6 despite what the papers may want to tell you.
    • Would they? These are government issued permits - the rules are in place and as the Govt is opposed to the breakaway they certainly won't be changing it. If we are not within the FA - then we can't get permits. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. Also, I wouldn't be so quick to suggest this Government is particularly concerned over the rule of law. They've proven that time and time again. 
    • I’ve said something similar to this in the past and again yesterday and I fully agree with scrapping the EL.
        Drop the EL group stages. Have a 64 team group stage. Top 16 or 32 clubs play for the CL, the next 16 or 32 clubs play for the UEFA Cup and even now, the bottom 16 play for the Conference Cup.
        That would allow 7 or 8 English clubs to qualify for it each season and how well you do is based on merit. 
        Allow some sort of weighting to the TV deal (ie a group game of PSG v Man Utd gets more revenue than Prague v Salzburg or something) and clubs to organise their own sponsorship deals for the games and boom, done, simples    Project Big Picture should also come into play. Bin off the League Cup, have more CL Group games. Reduce the Premiership to 18 sides. 
    • The Champions League is like that now though. You tend to get the same teams - the Pot 4 teams are really the only ones that tend to be any different - but once you get into the knockout stages - out of 16 you have PSG, Madrid, Barca, Athletic, Juve, Munich, City, Sevilla, Porto, each and every year.    As I said earlier, the much vaunted German model has led to Munich winning 8 straight league titles and basically the only time they were challenged they went in and bought the 3 best players from Dortmund. And Dortmund's business models seems to be pretty much buy young players, and sell them on. Rinse and repeat. 
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