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Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

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Thats the sort of shit i mean

Burnley defenders allowed to kick the fuck out of you,pull shirts and you get little. They drop like a sack of shit and the refs blow up

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Just now, Rick Sanchez C-137 said:


This is what I find myself wondering.

I've spent 20 years wondering how they can be so shite with their weaker foot. I mean you are a fucking professional how difficult is it to be able to make a simple cross on your weaker side

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1 minute ago, 3 Stacks said:

We're fucking shit. We're fucking shit.


We're fucking shit, we're fucking shit, we're fucking shit.

We draw every week

We draw every week

You're nothing special

We draw every week

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    • Missed 135 games for them since they signed him. 
    • Fabinho did play well when he came on and we need to just go with him in midfield from now on regardless of who’s available at CB.   on Fulham not getting out of their half. They are a bottom 3 side away at anfield went one goal up and decided in the second half to sit back and hold out for the win.
      Which they did without having to break too much of a sweat. It’s actually pathetic how little opposition goalkeepers are having to do to get a clean sheet against us. 
    • This season is getting increasingly difficult to wank to, 3-0 Redmen 
    • Watched him bowl when he played for Chester Boughton Hall in the mid 80’s, we were playing on a separate pitch and the keeper and slips wore helmets
    • "I’m now at the point where I don’t care what happens for the rest of the season. Why should I when half the team clearly doesn’t? They’ve written this season off. As soon as it became clear they were not going to retain the title they just quit mentally. They’re just wanting this over with so they can start again next season with our injured players back and fans in stadiums." The West Brom game was 27th December and the 15th game of the season. Liverpool were top after 14 games and on track to get 84 points.
      They had just beaten Palace 7-0 and even though they looked nowhere near last season's team they looked worth 1st place.
      Liverpool were well on top in the West Brom game but in 60th minute when 1 nil up, Matip went off injured. That meant the 3 first choice centre backs were out. Liverpool conceded a header (that probably wouldn't happen if VVD or Magip are playing) in the 82nd minute.
      It's as if the players realised there and then, that they were not going to win the league. They have lost 8 of the subsequent 13 league games scoring 10.
      In the same period they have scored 8 in 3 "Cup" games.
      I agree, I think they switched off mentally for the league and have been unable to turn it around in league games but something seems different for Cup and CL.  
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