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Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

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Thats the sort of shit i mean

Burnley defenders allowed to kick the fuck out of you,pull shirts and you get little. They drop like a sack of shit and the refs blow up

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Just now, Rick Sanchez C-137 said:


This is what I find myself wondering.

I've spent 20 years wondering how they can be so shite with their weaker foot. I mean you are a fucking professional how difficult is it to be able to make a simple cross on your weaker side

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1 minute ago, 3 Stacks said:

We're fucking shit. We're fucking shit.


We're fucking shit, we're fucking shit, we're fucking shit.

We draw every week

We draw every week

You're nothing special

We draw every week

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    • Hard to disagree.   Feels we are at a genuine crossroads now.   An ageing squad....loads of crocks....possibly missing out on European Cup riches.   The club can either be bold and start the rebuild from what is a reasonably strong base or sit and do fuck all and watch what have built creak more and then fall apart and fall behind our rivals....
    • I know we improved after Coutinho left, just saying that when he was here there were plenty of games where we playing a 10 men behind the ball wall and he would win us the game with a goal from a free-kick or a belter from distance. It’s just something we rarely see these days. I had a look and we’ve scored 3 from outside the box this season, Leeds have 10, Leicester 9 and even City with their pass you to death/boredom style have 7.
        I think we’ve become quite predictable and easy to set up against, and it wouldn’t do us any harm to mix things up, especially whilst we’re in this difficult spell.
    • We will choose the second and use excuses rather than actually saying the squad fell short or its weaknesses were highlighted we need to invest in it. This January was just a shocking display of being as frugal as absolute possible, there was absolutely zero ambition shown, taki was almost certainly loaned out to cover the cost of bringing in a championship player who they definitely thought we can flip this player for more later and a bottom of the bundesliga 20 year old on loan who we probably only looked as in the first place last year because it looked like a moneyball deal but it turns out his club wanted profit on his potential too. At the most vital times it feels like the club is cursed to sit on its laurels while other teams evolve. 
    • He might have a decent run at the Euros in the summer. 
    • A midfielder usually, taken from his best position so as to totally disrupt the teams style of play - more often than not with no pace.    
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