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    • I fucking hate Leeds. Get in, smash ‘em, get out. 
        Note: I’ll be monitoring this thread for any positive Leeds noises. They are scoundrels of the highest order and should be referred to as such. 
    • In the few seasons before this disaster, largely the same personnel in midfield led us to a league and a European Cup, and could easily have had one more of each. 
        Our problems this year have been either side of midfield.   Also, Thiago starting on the bench for the two legs suggests that our system struggles to accommodate a different type of midfielder. There just doesn’t seem to be the space ahead for him to do anything. I’m not sure if that’s because of how we set up or teams sitting back against us the way they have this season or a combination of both. 
    • Apart from penalties, Milner scored his last goal in the league in 2018. 
    • Great midfielders don't grow on trees.    Without a doubt they are the heartbeat of any great team, and we have been spolied with some of the best ever, Gerrard being the most recent.    Being honest, there probably isn't even a single midfielder in world football today as good as he was.    I do think we need time really look into bringing in or trying mould some promising prospect in that central midfield role. One that can contribute 10 goals a season at the very least.    But it isn't easy. You only have to look at Utd, they still haven't replaced Roy Keane ffs 
    • Man City will win the league. Chelsea will win the Champions League. Man Utd will win the Europa League and finish second in the league.   I will drink myself into oblivion to numb the pain.
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