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    • What do you mean there's a poverty crisis? I gave a tramp a fiver once, what more do you want from me? 
    • A large minority of football fans in this country are complete knobheads. Pretty much all club owners are knobheads protecting their own interest, whether that's to enter the ESL, move the goalposts to get more Champions League places, try and do what they can to stay in the Premier League (see last season) or at the bottom of the rung keep their team in the league system at the expense of others. The authorities like the fa and uefa are complete pricks and don't get me started on Boris.    I would like if Uefa returned the club competitions to what it was before. (1)Reduce the places for English clubs in the Champions League and give automatic places to the champions of Scotland, Belgium and Holland etc and make it easier for countries like Iceland to get teams into the Champions League. Yeah it won't be good for Liverpool in the short term but in the long run it will be better for the game across the continent.    (2) Make the Europa League a really competitive competition like the old Uefa Cup. Yeah maybe the earlier rounds won't be as competitive for the big English etc clubs but again that's what football is about....fans in Armenia getting excited because Liverpool or Barca is coming to town. (3) Ensure that financial fair play is properly enforced. I hate FSG more than ever but they ran a model that is sustainable. That is what all clubs should have to do. They balanced the books and because of good business decisions in getting in Jurgen and Michael Edwards, we beat a state run club. Again, I hate them but their model before all this ESL shit is what all clubs big and small should follow.    Some of the best aways I've had were at clubs we will probably never play again. That's a shame and I'd love to see that changed.    I don't know how this clusterfuck will end. I just know come August I want to be in stadiums cheering on the lads and showing Jurgen the love and respect that beautiful human being deserves. I won't watch us in this ESL shite so if that happens, then it really is a huge part of my life gone.   My gut is that Uefa will fold to a lot of this mobs wishes and desires. Something like 6 or 7 places in the champions league given to England, Italy, Spain and Germany with 3 or 4 to France and maybe 2 or 3 to Russia, Turkey and Holland. another round for the champions of countries like Scotland or Belgium to navigate unless they fold and give them one place. Next to impossible for the champions of places like Georgia or Latvia to get through. Clubs like us pretty much guaranteed to be in the Champions League which is an insult. Clubs like West Ham and Everton in with a massive shout. I wonder will Mosh and Karen Brady or the Leeds owners be talking about the good of the game and the Steau Bucharests and Levski Sofias of the game. Like fuck they will.   A lot of what I want reads like the 70s or 80s, but I'd like the Fa and Uefa to get off their own gravy trains and take football back to the people.
    • Here’s £10m a year Mr Corden now come and waffle your sycophantic shit on our show. Where do I sign or what about the little people?
    • I think you’re the one missing the point, mate. Football is already heavily favoured towards those with the most resources (that’s always been the case, even before 1993) but reward has always been linked to performance.   This removes that. That’s a fundamental difference.
    • Madrid what? Earn? The club of the King, open access to loans from the Bank of Spain, how exactly have they fairly earned their titles?    Man City's failures shouldn't be justification for their illegal spending.  But their presence warps everything.  Not just them but also Chelsea, and also Man United floating on the stock market started a lot of this.  They pay insane wages and that trickles down to other clubs.  Not just them, but PSG and Chelsea pay the same, so the best players get their heads turned each year by those three, and that leads to other clubs having to follow suit to try and keep their best players.  Be it Madrid, or Barca or Juventus or us, we end up over-extending ourselves to keep our best players, to the point you look at how it has crippled Barca in the case of Messi.  But then Messi's teammates turn around and go "what about me", and their wages get sucked into his orbit, not at his level, but up they go.    
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