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    • The confusing thing for FSG, is they spend what they earn.  The fans complain, well spend more. FSG say we have come up with a way of earning/spending more. The fans will be made up. The fans complain and say the only way to get past this is to spend more.   Not a defense but I think it makes sense from a logical point of view.   I just refuse to believe not a single club did any sort of in house survey on the reaction to this. Either they didn't which is astounding arrogance on their part  Or they did, figured people would get over themselves, which is astounding arrogance on their part.   Or they didn't knowing precisely what the reaction would be, figured people would get over themselves, which is astounding arrogance on their part.
    • FSG have let the mask slip this week. I've been willing to say they have the club's success and best interests at heart but this statement from Henry (plus the furlough and ticket pricing fiasco) have absolutely left their true intentions exposed.    I hope the club's future success amongst the playing and coaching staff isn't affected long term by this but I have a feeling it will as Klopp has done really well given his resources. But it's obvious now FSG are just interested in bang for their buck rather than long term success.    One for the truly shitness of modern football, scruff behaviour and signs of cuntiness threads.    Well done, John.
    • Likely because 1.) they knew they would get some shit for it, probably not to this degree, especially from our own fans but shit nonetheless, and 1a.) something of this magnitude would leak if you brought in focus groups or some other shit like that to study the reaction so those involved wanted to make sure they were going to stick together as a block.

      Then all of the English clubs capitulated to Sky and the fan frenzy (some organic to be sure but a lot media driven in my opinion), lead by the two who were only there because they wanted their seat at the top table even if it meant they had to throw the old heads a bone by giving them some semblance of competitive parity.  
      Exactly, but this way UEFA, Sky, et all can perpetuate the illusion that West Brom or Burnley have a real chance at winning the CL one day. Even though the reformation that's been announced means they conceivably will be passed over for one of the historic teams even if they should qualify.
    • Is right.   They're running a business and have investors.  They will not put their own money in for transfers and nor should they.  They’ve just tried to do something that would generate the club a shit tonne of money whilst actually implementing FFP.  The masses wanted the bastardised Champions league a non FFP league and Sky charging fortunes to watch West Brom vs Burnley.
    • They've never learnt their lesson with the fans.  Never. It's happened time and time and time again.   They are - to use an old Croatian proverb - the cow that gives you 25 litres of milk, but then knocks over the pail with her hind leg.  Better the one that gives you 5 litres that stay intact.   They're a pain in the arse. The caveats against their "achievements" - they're accidental tourists as far as Liverpool FC is concerned - are many.  They deserve scant praise.   They don't "get" us - they don't "get" 6 Big Ears - they don't "get" No 19. They're in it for themselves. And while that's fine and understandable in the "modern world", as a supporter, you are entitled to reserve the right to simply say - if you feel like it - fuck 'em.          
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