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    • I'm guessing the establishment of the PL was a bit like Brexit.In part to remove rules that restricted owners making more money without having to worry about pesky things like employees being protected and profits being restricted by their wellbeing?
    • I don't really want or expect FSG to sell up. I just want them to do better, at least attempt to make the illusion that they aren't a gang of cunts. Surely it's not that difficult to just put a bit of extra thought into things, or hire some kind of advisor that will steer them away from making these mistakes, or at the least get them to wrap everything in a way that's more palatable for the fans.    I also don't want or expect them to suddenly start spending their own cash on players, but I'm sick of us being sell to buy. I want them to invest the profits that the club are making on the pitch, we're getting bigger and bigger sponsorship deals, TV deals, and over a hundred million a year extra from having good runs in the champions league, why isn't that money being spent?    They're cunts, but I think instead of some wanting to hound them out the club, or some thinking there great and we should suck them off for getting us out of debt and winning a few trophies, can't we just be indifferent to the people and still hold them to account for their mistakes and push them to be better next time?
    • I’ve always had a soft spot for Stan after he played for my hometown club, Southend United, and then eventually got the move us here at Liverpool.   He’s had a chequered past but it appears he genuinely wants to help Southend who are dead certs to drop out of the Football League.   It’s a long video but it highlights some of the struggles of clubs in the lower leagues and, I think, paints Stan in a pretty decent light.   https://youtu.be/zDY8WIS8KnU
    • I'm glad there has finally been a recognition that English clubs were not solely ran for profit for the majority of their existence. It's a start from the misinformed posts on the last page.    If you want to stop Manchester City and future sovereign states and what happened this week. There needs to be a change. 
    • Bob Lord was calling for the removal of unpaid Directors in the 60s. And the fact that they were unpaid highlights the fact that they were already rich.   
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