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Southampton (A) - Premier League 04/2021 - 20:00

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Just now, skaro said:


Put the pressure on for the first 10 minutes of the second half, didn't fire a shot... and then didn't fire a shot.

Its all part of Klopps never lose the ball philosphy. 

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If you don't put the game out of the hands of the officials by scoring enough goals then you leave yourself vulnerable to their incompetence. 

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This is like any given game from 1997 - 2017


Loads of bad luck, not quite good enough and an outbreak of shtting out of it in front of goal. Mane has been so fucking wasteful. 


The ref has absolutely done us and we can't get a bounce in front of goal.


Hahahahaha that cunt has given Walker Peters MOTM for fouling Mane all over the shop

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    • Just read that finishing 7th woild likely see us in that fucking new 3rd tier European conference. How shit would that be. I guess winning it would give us Europa League the year after.    If we are not in the top 4 you'd be better finishing 8th and avoiding this crap and just trying to go all out domestically and giving the players a proper rest between games.    It is starting to feel the end of a cycle with this squad to be honest. Hopefully fans back in the stadium helps but they need a shake up and it's starting to look like the front three is done as a unit. None look happy, the press has stopped as a unit and whatever rivalry is going on with Mane and Salah is now affecting the play. That's before Bobby form is even looked at. I reckon one goes in the summer to fund a partial rebuild
    • Is this a thread on who will pick the bones out of our squad 
    • After 10 hours of blanks at home, a shot on goal is a shot on goal ...Beggars can’t be choosers 
    • The meek and lacklustre way we are performing makes me think another Villa / Stoke type thrashing is just around the corner.  Chelsea the other night scored and then decided they didn’t want to risk what they had but with a high tempo Leeds and a Man Utd who can’t score either (which is always ominous ) but have the players up top to do damage . At the minute teams are beating us but still in the back of their minds are wary due to previous seasons exploits but one week some manager will cotton on that we are pretty shite and then it could get messy 
    • And it's not like they're still not earning squillions. There are people on the dole looking livelier, more spirited and committed.  
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