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Southampton (A) - Premier League 04/2021 - 20:00

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We desperately need a target in the box. We’ve been spamming crosses yet we have no one in it,

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Just now, Heinze said:

Fuck off. That's a pen for the mancs.

I wouldn't be surprised if they gave them it for the next game 

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Just now, TheDrowningMan said:

It’s very clear that the powers that be spy a close Manc on Manc title battle and have decreed that it’s best for business. 

Not this Evertonian conspiracy crap again. We could just try being less shite!

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1 minute ago, Stickman said:

Pogba got one for less than that the other night 

Sadio's shit dive worked against him. There was definite contact, he just sold it badly.

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So Mane doesnt get a pen against newcastle because he didnt go down, gets brought down in the box tonight and 'no pen' and not enough for VAR to overturn a shit ref's decision? Someone's having a fucking laugh at our expense.

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    • "I’m now at the point where I don’t care what happens for the rest of the season. Why should I when half the team clearly doesn’t? They’ve written this season off. As soon as it became clear they were not going to retain the title they just quit mentally. They’re just wanting this over with so they can start again next season with our injured players back and fans in stadiums." The West Brom game was 27th December and the 15th game of the season. Liverpool were top after 14 games and on track to get 84 points.
      They had just beaten Palace 7-0 and even though they looked nowhere near last season's team they looked worth 1st place.
      Liverpool were well on top in the West Brom game but in 60th minute when 1 nil up, Matip went off injured. That meant the 3 first choice centre backs were out. Liverpool conceded a header (that probably wouldn't happen if VVD or Magip are playing) in the 82nd minute.
      It's as if the players realised there and then, that they were not going to win the league. They have lost 8 of the subsequent 13 league games scoring 10.
      In the same period they have scored 8 in 3 "Cup" games.
      I agree, I think they switched off mentally for the league and have been unable to turn it around in league games but something seems different for Cup and CL.  
    • I thought that things changed when Fabinho came on and played in his natural position, Fulham couldn’t get out of their own half. To win games you have to control the midfield. For fucks sake play the lad in his correct position and keep the pressure on the opponent, chances will come, if we don’t take them then that’s another matter.
    • The centre half issue is all about how it has killed our ability to play out - how it has harmed our full backs and of course how it has weakened our midfield.   The amount we just tap ball short from player to player now and how deep midfielders have to come to get it off the centre halves is night and day to how it was....then there is VVD's magnificent raking balls out to the running full backs, which never happens anymore.....and the way he used to carry it out up to near half way and then give it to Hendo who was on move and looking to progress us.   Its totally undermined our whole base and as result we now move ball from back to front slower, less dangerously, take far too many touches without really going anywhere and then into players who are static and have no space. We no longer control midfield either.   Teams press us more now as well as they aren't as worried we will play something behind them...this is big because it pressures us and sadly the poorer footballers we have back there now become even less ambitious due to being under pressure/not having time.   There was a great example today (one of loads every game) Neco Williams took up a good advanced position and it was begging for a good early ball into him on move with space ahead.....our centre half passed it short to his partner, who passed it short back to him and then there was about 4 more passes and we were barely over the half way line...all this time Williams was available and we only eventually gave it him about 6 passes too late and when he was static and had a man on him - our proper defence and midfield would not have done that.   For me the centre half issue isn't about how good or bad we are defending, it is about how it has really upset our style of play - how it has affected our full backs in terms of starting positions too how much and how dangerously they get forward, the gap between them and midfield when attacking and how raping our midfield to cover the holes back there has also harmed us.   We have also probably lost 5 goals from our corners and certainly any sort of threat from them without VVD and Matip.   When we see VVD striding forward next season carrying the ball out and passing it forward with purpose to players on the move ahead of him next season and them in turn doing same to players in front of them in dangerous areas then we'll have a base to play from again....the safe, sideways, slow, backwards and tentative play between our defence and our midfield in his and the others absence is for me at the root of our problems - problems which have multiplied across park off back of.
    • Fuck the match reports off until we win Dave; I can't imagine how shit it is having to do them.
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