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Southampton (A) - Premier League 04/2021 - 20:00

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    • I'd swap half our squad, and all our forwards, for a young Suarez. By far the most driven player I've ever seen. Absolute fucking nutcase. Exactly what we need.
    • Proof is in the pudding this season the injuries have had their effect and shown fully the limitations in the squad. A crowd, refs not being cunts and a few new players might help. Mental and physical tiredness too after the last few seasons.
    • We really miss that talismanic player who wills the other players to step it up a notch. Salah is great and all but he’s not imposing in the sense Gerrard or Suarez was where the other players would be ashamed and embarrassed not to give it there all. We have Virgil and Hendo but obviously that’s the crux of the issue. I’d swap all three of our forwards for a young Suarez.
    • I think Kloppo’s style is very ambitious. We need all our players to work very hard and do their part. If everybody does and every single player sticks to the game plan, we’re almost unstoppable. But when one or two are out of form, or a new player doesn’t stick to the game plan 100% we’re equally poor. That counter pressing style is great when we force opposition out of options. Then we’ll win the ball high up the field and can immediately use the unbalance to our advantage. If one single player doesn’t do his job, there’ll be a way out for the opp and all we achieve is being more vulnerable with too few people back to defend. If we do succeed with the high pressure, and one player doesn’t commit himself to the immediate attack, but i.e. plays a back pass to keep things controlled, the risky high line was all for nothing. We’ve seen this from Kloppo before. When it works, his teams are the best in the world. When it doesn’t, clueless. In a way it’s either on or it’s not, nothing in between.
    • I wonder why that's all people are doing when we've watched the same game play out for months on end . There essentially is a line on the pitch that moves with play its made up of players.
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