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    • A fully fit Gomez is the best English Centreback there is. He's miles better than Maguire in every single aspect of the game other than heading it. His injuries mean its not really relevant because he can't stay fit long enough in a part of the team that needs consistency. Similar for Matip when fit Varane is going to have to be one hell of a player to be better than Matip when matip is fit but matip is never fit for long. United having 2 good centrebacks who stay fit and build a relationship is only good news for them. I haven't seen enough of Konate.  If you took their back four though and comparedvit to ours, we are way superior. Shaw v Robbo, Robbo pisses all over him same for Trent and Bissaka, outside of LFC Trent is so underrated its ridiculous, he's genuinely world class the "he can't defend" is horseshit when he was 19 yeah he had mistakes in him like teenage footballers do but he's a whole different level to every right back in this country and Southgate umming and ahhing over his selection made me realise even more that Southgate isn't a good manager though he seems to be a very lucky one.
    • Borussia Monchengladbach and Germany midfielder Florian Neuhaus, 24, remains a target for Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, but the Reds will not be able to meet his price tag of around £34m. (Sport1 - in German). While both the Mancs are spending like drunk sailors (not referring to you of course Stig ), we can't afford 34 million?      
    • Great post, and very much my position. No real issue with FSG owning us, just wish they would let up a bit on the whole self sustaining thing and pitch a bit of their own obvious wealth into the transfer pot.
    • Trent Alexander-Arnold has expressed his delight in signing a new four-year deal.   The Liverpool right back put pen to paper on the new deal yesterday which will keep the boyhood Red at the club until 2025.   Speaking to the Official site, Trent spoke of his delight.   “I'm honoured to be given the opportunity and to be shown the trust in the club to be given an extension. So, it was a no-brainer for me. The state the club is in and where I'm at in my career is always a good option for me. To extend and make sure I'm here longer is always a good thing. I'm made up.    As someone who joined the Liverpool academy at the age of six, Alexander-Arnold said that the club has meant so much to him.   “I mean, it's the only club I've ever really known. So to be here for this amount of time and extending to be here for a longer amount of time is amazing for me and my family. It's a proud moment for me – it always is – signing a new contract here. To be given the trust, like I said before, by the club and the staff is an amazing feeling."   At just 22, the footballing resume of Alexander-Arnold is glittering on a individual and team level and one that most players would be delighted with for the entirity of their career.   Reflecting on what he has achieved to this point, the League and European Champion takes nothing for granted.   “I've achieved so many dreams and goals that I never actually thought I would. I live the dream every day really.   "Being able to represent the club and to be in and around names and players, and obviously managers and staff, that are world class every day is a privilege for me and I'm very fortunate to be in the position I am.”   Top clubs are meticulous in the planning for the next phase, and careful to not being caught out when the end of the cycle comes.   Speculation has begun over who may succeed Jordan Henderson as the next captain and despite being so young himself, Alexander-Arnold says that he is trying to impart some of his knowledge that he has learnt from his senior teammates onto the next generation.   “I've been around some amazing leaders. Hendo Millie and Virg were definitely up there as the three best that I've been in and around. I'm privileged to be able to pick up things and learn things from them. They're all different leaders in their own way – some lead by their actions and some by their words. But at the end of the day, leadership is leadership.   “I think I've been in and around the lads enough time now to not see myself as a young player. Someone who's a mature lad, capable of fulfilling those roles and being a captain without necessarily having the armband on your arm is something that I've always wanted to try to be.    “So just being a role model for the younger players, trying to keep them on the right path and being there for encouragement when they need that. Just mentoring, I'd say – kind of what like Hendo and Millie were doing to me when I was a bit younger. Then just kind of nurturing them into young men that are capable of achieving anything really.”     Reflecting on a difficult past season, Alexander-Arnold said that despite no silverware, securing Champions League football was seen as a worthy achievement.   However winning honours is their sole focus for the 2021/22 season.   “The previous seasons we were there with silverware and we were on top of the world – world champions, Premier League champions, we had everything under the belt.   "Then to be kind of brought back down to earth last season with a lot of road bumps in the way, speed bumps on the journey, we overcame them. It kind of felt like a little bit of an achievement to secure top four in the way that it was looking throughout the season at certain points.   “We have our sights set on trophies, that's our aim. It's no longer top four or doing well, Europe and things like that, getting to quarters and semis.   "We want to be in a title run coming into May, we want to be in the Champions League final, we want to be in the domestic cup finals. We want to go as far as we can. I think this season we'll be fighting on all fronts to win as many trophies as we can."    
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