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Greatest Male Solo Artist - Last 16 - John Lennon vs Sam Cooke

Greatest Male Solo Artist - Last 16 - John Lennon vs Sam Cooke  

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  1. 1. Greatest Male Solo Artist - Last 16 - John Lennon vs Sam Cooke

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51 minutes ago, alles ist gut said:

If he can’t beat John Lennon, who’s been dead for 40 years, what chance does he have against 22 live horses?


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    • Evertonians are the football version of qanon followers.
    • Okay alongside employing throwing coaches and surfing coaches.
    • It feels like we've become the last acceptable place for people who carry that great burden known as hate to let it out on, the emphasis on acceptable. Society has denied them the right to call anyone from the middle east a Paki to use the "N" word or call a gay person a fag without consequences...thankfully. I'm not saying the abuse is comparable to any of those things just about the need some have for their hate to be expressed.  Oh no! "always the victim" hoisted by my own petard.   The language directed at Liverpool the city the last few years has often left me laughing at just how venomous it's been and then there's football last season the amount of other clubs football fans who have zero rivalry with Liverpool desperate for null and void yet strangely quiet for the far worse second wave, not a whimper. If you were arsed what other people thought you'd be terrified to display sympathy because "self pity city" if you've been a victim of injustice, fight for your rights or even have the audacity to complain you're "always the victim".  A "section" of Everton fans going along with it completely oblivious to the fact that they mean them too and if their club has more success theyll be the focal point for that hate, no longer the little pet who justifies it all. Most of it is probably a consequence of banning The Sun the nations propaganda outlet of choice for a long time. People who've never been to the city happy to declare their hate for it and its people, christ they almost take pride in it.   These people just associate with football and places though, pretty much the same group of people probably voice their hate behind a username on all manner of comment sections on various subjects and individuals only happy if they're bringing someone else down, spreading their misery to the masses.   I dont even know why I've bothered to write this because I'm not even that arsed. It makes me laugh more than anything. That group is embarrassingly pitiful its borderline hilarious. Wallow in that shared hate I'm sure its good for the soul.   I mean I'm a Liverpool fan my missus is a Manc a lot of her family are United season ticket holders if I had the mentality of these people I'd of denied myself the company of some of the best people I've ever met and why? because of a game where men kick a ball or for believing a stereotype, believing for one second that it's possible for people to be "they're all the same". Anyway fuck em, if like attracts like and misery loves company they're welcome to each other.
    • Before that, our Under-18s will play the mini-derby against the pride of Finch Farm at Kirkby at 11 a.m. on the back pitch, with no live coverage because (some bullshit excuse). Team news as and when.
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