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The Big Football Podcast - TLW edition

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for your support with the Stu Monty episode of this, it was easily my most popular episode. Dave has done me a massive favour and I've recorded a podcast with him, which you can find here:



https://castbox.fm/episode/id3290002-id319426046?utm_source=podcaster&utm_medium=dlink&utm_campaign=e_319426046&utm_content=The Big Football Podcast 26th October - The Liverpool Way special-CastBox_FM


If you can please download, share and subscribe I'd appreciate it. I am looking to boost my listener numbers as I've done less than 10 episodes so I am still completely unknown. This is a really interesting take on the Reds' season, and Dave speaks really well on a number of key issues including injuries, the squad depth, formation changes and the academy. Oh, and Carlo Ancelotti channelling his inner David Moyes already. 


Would appreciate you giving it a listen. 

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    • Two tough games coming up but if we win them, it's going to put the shits up the teams in front of us.   United will wallop Sheffield tomorrow but could drop points at Arsenal. City have us and Spurs in the coming weeks.   If we can be a few points off top with a lot of tough games done even factoring maybe beating City, I think it's a good place to be. So many teams with something real to play for means all teams will drop points. If we were to take 28 points from 30, we are not going to be far off top with a lovely looking final few games.   City have generally always been great against the likes of West Brom. Let's see how they do against us and Spurs.    They are not City of two years ago especially without De Bruyne. Having said that, they are a very good team. The Mancs are doing a good version of us in 2013/2014 without a Luis Suarez but balanced off with a much better defence and squad than we had. I'd love to see them cope with the kind of adversity we had this season and they have an almighty hard run in with plenty of places they could drop points.
    • I totally agree with you re: deserved respect. I’ll be the first to admit that we may not retain the title, but when we consider the run of key injuries - regardless of how the owners have reacted - and with a lot of season left in front of us, it’s hard not to imagine that we will be riding the top three right to the end. After witnessing our narrow loss to Utd - and it was a narrow loss - and to see some of our incisive play back on display, I say, particularly if we beat Spurs, the confidence boost together with returns of some players over the coming weeks, will restore belief and lost points. 90% of what the manager and owners have put in place is still in place.
    • I'm sure Wijnaldum will get an offer from Juventus as they love a freebie the tight fucking twats. They make FSG look like drunken sailors on whore leave who've been overpaid 3 months wages in one go. 
    • Bascombe in the torygraph reporting hendo set to hand Jurgen a boost and declare himself fit to face Spurs.
    • More like disciples or people who get brainwashed when they join ISIS.
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