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    • I’m in complete agreement. I also think that the manager knows his hands are tied when it comes to solving the problem. Why? He can’t spend - not only to cover injuries, but to look to the future. Well, here’s a question for everyone: who is Henderson’s understudy? Who was bought to replace him in the near future?   Since the Burnley defeat I’ve thought about Henderson quite bit. Even Gerrard said about him "Teams can't function at Liverpool's level without a cog like Jordan Henderson."   The more I think about it, the more I believe that Henderson is the key to it all.
      9 years at Liverpool, Captain since 2015 - written off before the arrival of manager Rogers, and even Rogers told him ‘there’s a place at Fulham if you want it’ Hated by fans and given flak for so long, he has become the linchpin of our driving midfield, and now, having taken us to 3 European Cup finals, with 1 win and our first Premier League title in 30 yrs, not only has he had a number of injuries, but he’s been forced of late to play out of his key position.   Given his importance, and the history of his rise to prominence - 9 years of it -  it’s unforgivable that we have not been nurturing his replacement for our near term future. Unless ofc, we have?   If I’m wrong, and we’ve already acquired his probable replacement, then who is it? Is it Fabinho? If so, Fab should be in midfield and nowhere else regardless of CB injuries. Who else could it be? I have no idea? Minimino? Jones? 
        Either our players fit the system, or the system adapts to new players, either way, Hendo is not going to be playing long term after a 9 yr career already, with injuries and a permanent disability ( plantar fasciitis? )   Does Klopp’s brief include a second generation team rising out of the ashes of the last 3 seasons? Questions questions.    
    • Rumour abounds that his Mum’s died. Hope its not true.
    • If Hendo plays (midfield thank you very much) then we’ll win. If he doesn’t, we’ll lose. Its that straightforward.
    • Bit closer home to the wirral, maybe he and stevie G could car share?
    • I heard that too but didn't want to put it on here without confirmation. Absolutely terrible if correct, and may explain his touchiness recently 
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