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    • Their 2nd side is something like: Kepa Christiansen Zouma Emerson Hudson-Odoi Gilmour Kovacic Alonso Ziyech Pulisic Giroud.   That 11 could easily beat Leicester. 
    • Champions league final set to be moved to Wembley, according to the Times. 
    • Not fair on the lad to be 4th/5th choice here unless he really wants it. I'd say at his age he wants to play. He should be allowed move on with a massive thanks
    • The lies are astounding, truly exceptional    catcherintherye Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter Wednesday at 5:03 PM New   Add bookmark #44,211
      Yes all of this really. They are a very hate filled angry bunch of fans.

      Hating us I sort of think is fair enough, thats local rivalry for you. I can't say I hate them, but I pity them and enjoy laughing at them, but I'm not going to get too sanctimonious about hating your local rivals. Thats kind of what life is about. Like if we won something, and Ancelotti mentioned them, I'd probably laugh and think it's great. So I can't really knock Klopp for it, but this whole "we don't care" stuff is just rubbish. Honestly I've seen them celebrate derbies more than I've seen other teams celebrate titles.

      The rest of their rivalries though is just really odd. They are like the reverse United, where everyone hated United, Liverpool just hate everyone else. I genuinely remember when they loved City, and there was none of this racist/islamaphobic stereotypes about beheading people (like Britain has never beheaded/killed anyone). They loved City and had this affinity and then one day they flipped it. Most of them prefer United now. All very odd.

      I've also noticed, it's not just that they will hate a Harry Kane, but they will go on about him being rubbish, which is obviously not true. Thats what's happening with Dias now. I mean you might not like either, but they are quite obviously not rubbish players.

      I can't stand Greame Souness, or Alan Hansen, but they were too wonderful footballers. They just can't eem to get to that level of acknowledgement. I can't imagine what it must be like to live your life, that angry that you have to knowingly make an idiot of yourself on a daily basis. You'd just want the occasional day off wouldn't you?

      There are some days I think of signing up there, posting a load of nonsense about how like Oxlade Chamberlain is better than Foden, or Joe Gomez is better than Dias just to see how many people would go along with me. I bet quite a few would.    Like Quote Reply Report  
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