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    • It's  his dawdling with the ball at his feet that does me, you're just waiting for him to fuck up. He nearly got caught out again tonight although he did start playing it a bit sooner. Hope to fuck Alisson comes back soon if only for the sake of my blood pressure. 
    • Considering the amount of space our players had, we were very wasteful with the ball when in possession. All too often, the final ball or shot at goal lacked the required compusure and accuracy. Ajax had chances too, but we could have been out of sight had we been sharper.   The goal sort of sums of what I've said above, the only difference being that the ball ended up in the back of the net. Great turn by Sadio but he completely scuffed his effort. Fortunately, Tagliafico got his feet in a muddle and could only deflect it goalwards.   Mo had let a great chance slip by cutting onto his left straight away and narrowing the angle so they could block the shot, and Bobby headed a corner straight at the keeper. Not an easy one, but one that he'd have found the net with a couple of years ago. Gini had a late chance saved, Taki hit one from the edge of the box right at the keeper, and Robbo just failed to get on the end of Jota's ball across the six yard box after good work between the two.   Defensively, we set our line a bit deeper than usual and coped well for the most part. Promes had one saved from point blank range, and Tadic had one cleared off the line. Apart from Klaassen's effort off the woodwork early in the second half after we'd failed to clear our lines a couple of times, I don't think we were unduly troubled.   Adrian in goal was alright for the most part. In the first half though, he still had a couple of Adrian-esque brain farts. The first was coming for a ball far too late instead of giving Big Joe an angle for a pass back. It ended up with the two of them right next to each other with the forward (Neres?) in close attendance and the ball being put out of play, but it could have been a lot worse. Big Joe was right to have a go at the keeper for causing the problem. The other brain fart was in having his kick charged down inside the penalty area. Nothing ultimately came of it but he does this in every game it seems and it's more than a little annoying. It must really piss off his teammates because he does it so frequently. Just the same dithering followed by a lazy attempt at kicking followed by a sheepish hand up in apology when his blushes have been spared. Otherwise he didn't over-complicate things and kept his concentration.   We start with 3 points and will play Midgetland next week. Just do the right things and be sharp and focussed and we'll be fine.
    • Yeah, got stuck in straight away.   Minamino or Jota have to start over Bobby on Saturday. 
    • This. He made to massive howlers, and a number of other mistakes. He got away with it this time, but that doesnt mean the performance was anywhere near good enough.
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