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Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

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2 minutes ago, DJLJ said:

Great, Martin Tyler and Jamie Carragher as commentators...

Liverpool just can't live with Chelsea they've got some of the best players in the weeeeeeeeerld you've got to admire the job Frank's done here.

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    • I’m actually none the wiser as to what the ref/VAR is meant to do in the pen situation though and nobody seems to have addressed it.  If the ref awards a free kick but it’s in the box (it’s debatable whether it was but let’s say it is) but then on review isn’t a foul what does the referee actually do?  They don’t overturn free kicks do they do does he just give a drop ball or something?   The clear and obvious thing is a nonsense and always was.  Dean thinks he gets the man first and it’s understandable but on review he clearly gets the ball first and I’m not even sure he touches the man so it’s not a penalty.  It’s not like it’s a judgement call.  It’s just not a foul and just more sheer incompetence.  The reason it’s continuing is because they aren’t admitting the mistakes and trying to address why they happened so they don’t happen again.  It’s just various excuses and trying to justify why it was the right decision.  If the way the VAR rules are set up stop the right decision getting made then they need to be changed until they are right.
    • My impression is, for the last two games in the absence of VVD, we have dropped our high line 10 yards. Understandable but it does mean we cannot suffocate teams to the same degree and both Ajax and Sheff Utd have been able to find their front players, in space, quite easily.   The higher line has me with my heart in my mouth but the current tactic also gives me the jitters when fairly ordinary teams can advance up the park and keep possession so easily. Contrast that with the Chelsea and Arsenal games where they often struggled to get out of their own half.   If we continue to play like this we will need 3 dogs in midfield, especially against the better teams
    • Top, top “pointy little face” analysis there, Dave.
    • An announcement from Liverpool on the move is expected soon, and This Is Anfield understands that that will include confirmation of a naming rights partner for the Kirkby base.  
    • Report by Dave Usher   Nice little win this. It won't be one that we remember when we look back on the season but these are the kind of results that all successful teams need. Another one where we were able to dig in, battle, overcome setbacks and come away with the points. That should be three of those wins in a week as we won the derby too even if the record book says otherwise.   This was tough. We didn’t play as well as we can and we know from last season that Sheffield United are difficult opponents. It was either Klopp or Ljinders who described the home win over them as tactically our best performance of the season or something. Can’t remember exactly what they said but Klopp is always praising Wilder and his team and he was complimentary again after this.   They did make it a slog for us as they work hard for each other, they’re well organised and they’re direct. It helped that they were given a penalty for fuck all too of course.   I’ll start with that so I can get it out of the way. I don’t want to get bogged down with refs and VAR and all that shit again, so I’ll keep this brief. It wasn’t a foul and although it was arguably just close enough to the line to be classed as a penalty, it wasn’t a clear error by Mike Dean so why was that overturned?   Have they changed the whole ‘clear and obvious’ thing now and not told us? Or is this about the refs putting us in our place after we dared question what happened in the derby? Again, it really felt like that decision was made on the basis of what the ref wanted to do, because if he hadn't given a penalty would anyone have questioned that?   If Dean had pointed to the spot there isn't enough to overturn it and give a free-kick, but the same logic applies the other way, surely? The clear error was awarding a foul in the first place, not where it was adjudged to have taken place.   Fabinho got the ball but we’re told that VAR only looked at where the incident took place and not whether he got the ball or not. What the fuck? What's going on here? Can they not look at two things at the same time? It's the same bullshit as last week.    Just tell Mike Dean to take his pointy little face and bald head over to the touchline to have a look for himself. Actually there’s probably no point as he doesn’t seem the type to go “yeah I’ve got that one wrong” does he, and he’d probably spend ten minutes just watching replays of himself blowing the whistle and pointing, the preening little bald Tranmere fuck.     This is just a teaser, click to view the full report   Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
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