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Featured: That was the week that was (Sep 5-11 2020)

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Saturday Sep 5:


L 7 Blackpool 2 The scoreline doesn’t really tell the story here, as we were shite for a significant part of this game and only really ran away with it when Blackpool started to make changes. We deservedly went 2-0 down. Koumetio was caught out for the opener but that was as much on Salah as it was him. The pass to the kid was shite and put him in a difficult spot.


Then Alisson was culpable for the second goal. It might not have been in the box but it was close enough that he can have no complaints that a pen was given. Of course he got nowhere near the spot kick because he never does (hopefully there’s some nice reverse jinxing going on there).


Matip headed us back into it just before the break and the second half was massively improved as the goals flowed. Nice for Elliott to get a goal and for Taki to get himself another. He looked lively again.


I’m not reading anything into the poor first half performance as it’s pre-season and we had our entire back four away on international duty, but there’s just a weird vibe about us at the moment, on and off the pitch.  


Considering we should be on such a massive high, it doesn’t feel like that does it? Loads of fans are unsettled about the lack of transfer activity and the team looks a bit flat, although it is pre-season and it’s stupid to form any opinions - good or bad - based on these friendlies.


I do have concerns about the front three though, as I’ve written quite regularly over the summer. Minamino has been our liveliest forward recently while Jones looks like he’s the most creative player in the squad right now. Hopefully when the season kicks off we’ll see the ‘big three’ step it up a gear but I’d feel a lot better about things if we added another one into the mix. Bobby looked very good today though, at least.


Klopp wasn’t happy at all in the first half of this and the pitchside mic picked him up having a go at Fabinho telling him “make a challenge, be in the right places”. He subbed him at half time too. Don’t know if there’s anything sinister in that or if it was pre-planned. 


By the way, I’ve skipped a few days since the end of the last diary as I want to get back to the Saturday/Friday format now that the season is upon us again, and there’s been virtually nothing of note to talk about this past week anyway. The one significant bit of news was Messi staying put, which surprises no-one really as it felt like a power play right from the start, and as soon as it became clear that he wasn’t going to be allowed to just walk away this was always the most likely scenario.


Tell you what though, he’s a proper scheming little fucking diva isn’t he? Ronaldo was always the one who got pilloried for his arrogance and selfishness but this fella is just as egotistical on the sly. Hope we play Barca this year so we can make him cry again. 


Sunday Sep 6:


I saw Robbo was trending on twitter and I panicked and thought he might be injured. Turns out it was just a load of ‘Tierney Nonces’ posting about how shite he is when isn’t surrounded by the great players he plays with for us. If you think Kieran Tierney is better than Andy Robbo then you need to start watching a different sort, because footy isn’t for you. 


Meanwhile, Neco scores a last minute winer for Wales on his home debut. Nice. That’ll be great for his confidence as I don’t think he’s been at his best in the last few first team games he’s had for us. He was fucking brilliant to start with but just the last two or three times he’s played he’s had some struggles. He’ll come back flying now after this hopefully.


Sheyi Ojo joins Cardiff on loan. Anyone even remember that he was still our player? I’d completely forgotten about him. I thought he was permanent at Rangers but he was only on loan. I’d imagine this will be his last loan deal and then he’ll just be sold for whatever we can get for him. Talented player but really inconsistent.


Moving on, and the latest on Thiago is that he’s now saying stuff like “I’ve never said I’m leaving Bayern” and he made a comment about “going home” after international duty. Home being Bayern. Proper bored of this now. Reports in Spain today claim that Barcelona want him. You know what, they can fucking have him and we’ll keep Gini. I’m good with that. 


Monday Sep 7:


Foden and Greenwood are sent home from international duty after bringing a couple of local girls to their room. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a big deal (unless you happen to be Foden’s long time girlfriend of course) but pulling this shit when in a bubble, in a foreign country and under strict orders to follow the rules is pretty fucking bad I reckon. It just shows a total lack of respect for Southgate. 


If I was Southgate I wouldn’t pick either of these upstart cunts again for a long time. Not that he’ll be there for a long time of course, but if by some miracle he is. They wouldn’t have done this if they feared or respected Southgate. That’s probably as much on him as them actually as he’s such a fucking wet lettuce. This is his chance to set an example.


This wouldn’t have happened under Capello. Or Sven, albeit for completely different reasons. Capello ruled with an iron fist, whereas it wouldn’t have happened on Sven’s watch because those birds would have already been in his room, the smooth old bastard.


Meanwhile, “Hamez” has signed for the Blues. Quite the fall from grace that. One minute you’re the young superstar of the World Cup and signing for Real Madrid, and then six years later you’re being unveiled at the Pit. Still, at least he’s got experience of dealing with disgusting little fucking creatures clinging onto him, so he’ll be sound when the fans are allowed back in.




So Power Shift FC have won the transfer window again and they’re also declaring themselves the social media kings now because “Hamez” has around 14m more instagram followers than LFC. Mostly Real and Bayern fans who simply haven’t unfollowed him yet, but regardless, they can have this one. When’s the parade? 


Oh wait, hold on a second, news just in…. turns out that a lowly minority stakeholder in the Reds has…. *checks LeBron’s page*  71.8m followers. Better cancel that parade then. Unless they can somehow pull off the signing of Taylor Swift maybe? She’s got 140m followers and is probably a better keeper than Pickford.



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Dave spot on about Fabinho.  Klopp clearly not happy with him.  He clearly wants to get Hendo in the team to get everyone going and thinks Naby deserves a start as well.  I would have thought Gini would have come out though because he hasn’t looked great either.

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