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Just now, Anubis said:

Diving T Rex cunt.

And not a peep from the commentators as usual. Fucking groupthinking morons. Narrative - Salah / Mané = goes down easy; Sterling = quick thinking, clever etc.

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4 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

They're buying Ruben Dias from Benfica. 

How much is he spending this time?

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10 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

Pure dive by Vardy though. The narrative around his entitlement to do it would be in a far different tone if it was Salah.

Yup. Think it's part of a wider issue of English players / managers (Lampard especially) being beyond reproach.

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5 minutes ago, Jairzinho said:

How is he worth £50m?

£30m is a bribe for them to take Otamendi.

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6 minutes ago, Anubis said:

Nowt wrong with that Amarty tackle.

I agree.


I was just about to post that the one thing I'm enjoying about Leicester's approach is that they're going right after De Bruyne, whenever he gets the ball.


That and their scoring the go-ahead goal, of course.

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    • But this is my point. The chances of it being level when you make decisions to millimetres are almost zero. There should be virtually no offsides seen as level, because they won't be level. But we don't have the technology to deem if it's within millimeters. We don't even have the technology to show the moment the ball left the foot. They have software that even from the inaccurate frame chosen then has quite a margin of error depending on the angle of the camera. So they absolutely do not have the technology to do offside as implemented today. If you're saying they can freeze a frame and then let a computer make a best guess, fair enough they can, but then what's the point of that? The software makers themselves say it can't possibly be accurate like the cricket and the goal line as they don't have control of the camera location and prior knowledge to where the decision will be made. It's complete fucking nonsense. If they were to calculate a maximum margin of error and then go with the position plus the margin, then fair enough i could accept that and if it's a millimetre offside even accounting for the VAR and his potential poor positioning of the mark, then with a built in margin of whatever, it doesn't seem unjust.   Bottom line to me is level is effectively gone if the measurement is a frozen frame and we're happy to go to millimeters - level is a concept from a linesman needing to simultaneously in real time with the naked eye watch the ball being struck and if the forward has broken the line. But we don't have the technology to measure to the level of accuracy required for what they're delivering today - but I can see there could be a halfway house between watching a real time situation where a person is expected to look at places at once and the utter shite we have today. 
    • ‘ well yeah apart from the front three, the keeper, the fullbacks and a couple of midfielders they’re a one trick pony ‘  comedy gold.
    • Great point on the offside situation with Sadio last week,I was thinking at the time if he had just made sure he was onside there wouldn't have been any debate, he had the time to just take that extra half a yard step backwards.
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