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16 minutes ago, magicrat said:

Hoddle embarrassing himself again wanking himself stupid over a mediocre performance by Chelsea against shite 

Just coming in to post the same. You’d think we’re watching the peak Mourniho, Ancelotti or Conte sides here.


Here’s a list of side Chelsea have beaten this season...







Sheffield Utd



They are beating sides they should be beating comfortably. They’ve been awful against anybody above average (or way below average in WBA’s case).

Let’s see how they look by the end of the year once they’ve played Spurs (who also have had an easy ride but have won their “bigger” games), Sevilla A, Everton, Wolves and then Arsenal, Villa & Citeh over Christmas.


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In the past you’d hate it when Utd hammered anyone even a league two side but like the Leipzig game the other week it’s actually pretty great as it not only keeps Ole in a job for a lot longer but it’s get their fans all giddy that the good times are just around the corner.
And then just as quickly it all comes crashing down with a crushing dreary defeat like the Arsenal game, and then just when you feel low that he might be binned Ole wins another game and so it goes on and on and on ....

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3 minutes ago, manwiththestick said:

Take Fernandes and Penalty from Utd and where would they be?


They’ll be fine as Rashford has just scored a pen ....Seriously how many is that since Gollum took over ?

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PSG remind me of Liverpool in the worst of the Hodgson days, 2 good players, a couple of lads near the end and the rest are shite. A goal for RBL here and they are in serious trouble, I'd like them out as Mbappe could beat us on his own if he has a good day.

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