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2 minutes ago, Jordy Brouwer said:

United fans have become numb to that though. They want a shred of consistency. He needs to win this game to avoid the sack and I hope he gets it. 

I think the sensible ones know that, but even a lot of their sensible ones are so desparate for him to succeed that any good result is worth two or three results of what it would have been for Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho.

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4 minutes ago, JagSquared said:

I reckon this is all just a simulation and he’s just a kid playing football manager, just as he’s about to get sack he force restarts the game to win.

Once I played one of those manager games I got Wales to the wc semi final and I must have restarted it 100 times to beat Argentina. I also won a European Championship with the Republic of Ireland doing that. Good days.

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    • Seeing Odegaard’s asked to leave Madrid tonight. 
        Wouldn’t mind us taking a punt on him. 
    • I don't even think the drop-off in midfield has been that big, the midfield was pedestrian as fuck last year as well. Could see in the first half against the mancs we were trying to go a little bit more direct with balls in behind them, but the quality of wasn't quite there.   The real problems are Mane looks like he's dropped a yard of pace, Salah's touch has deserted him and Bobby has taken over Wijnaldum's old invisible man tribute act, plus Jota is injured. Given Trent is playing like we've put the mascot on the pitch at the moment, we're always going to struggle.   Said it in the transfer window thread, but I think time's up for at least one possibly two of the front three this summer, presuming of course anyone is actually interested.    
    • Klopp has been incredibly loyal to his starting players throughout his entire time here. Even when he first joined and most of them were fucking shite.
    • Comes back to Gomez and Virg being crocked imo. If we had Fab and Hendo in midfield it would improve things but nevertheless our forwards are a shadow of last season even with poorer service from midfield.  The whole team to some degree is compensating for our CBs being out.  
    • Jesus, shifting blame?   It was something that annoyed me during the game, as a midfielder you would think Hendo would be able to perform this exact part of a CB’s game a bit better, Matip would do it and Van Dijk would do it. Gomez not so much, he lack the skill to do it. 
        Go back to Liverpool-Chelsea game in 13/14, everyone blame Gertard for slipping, I did not. I pointed at Sakho, simply because he should have brought the ball with him 3-4 m forward into open space and by that bypassed  Chelsea’s first line.   Again, at the time I said Agger would do that, now I say that both Van Dijk and Matip would do that instead of playing it back to Alisson as much as Hendo did. By doing that we outnumber the opposition, by doing what Hendo did, we give them time to organize and get everyone behind the ball.   Like I said, Hendo did his job defensively, but there are a lot more to football than what you actually watch happening in front of you.   Maybe I put too much expectations on him because he’s a midfielder, but this is certainly the standard we need.
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