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    • Somebody...anybody...just knock that Catcher out. Nothing worse that unwarranted sanctimony.
    • So its bollocks because he can't give you an exact owner? The only bollocks is in your post. You, me, him know absolutely fuck all about who is out there and who would be interested should FSG decide to sell up, so its a fucking pointless question to ask someone.   As regards FSG, they have always been shite. They are brilliant at making themselves money, thats clear, but with regards to football they've continually failed. Bare minimum squad upkeep, tickets fiasco, trademarking, Super League, furlough, stadium and now failing to make the success stick and be sustainable for the long term. Its only Jurgen thats made it work, he's the golden goose here. He was the obvious fit for us with World Class potential so you can't even give FSG much praise for bringing him in, he wasn't an unknown, I think every man on the street coveted him for manager.   Even the much praised Edwards was floundering like a wet fish before Jurgen arrived. Jurgen has allowed the model to work and his self drive to succeed, his desire to make everything fit and his unbelievable work ethic has dragged this Club from the doldrums under Rogers to be a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.    But heres the rub, the fella has only got so much spark and so much energy. At some point he needs a helping hand. He needed it badly last year and was met with fucking nothing and he needs it this year too. He can't fucking do it on his own and be expected to work miracles every season on a shoestring budget.   You'll see the worm turn when he goes and we bring in someone missing the parts to make it work, we will slowly move back into the 7-5 slots in the league.   Make no mistake Klopps the hurricane that makes everything move in this Club and whens he's gone theres gonna be a massive wake up call to everyone who didn't realise just how unique he was.
    • Lads kit arrived from that jjsport24...   Seems ok....slight issue with last letter of name on back being smaller than others, but at less than a tenner for whole issue can let that go.   Not as good as dhgate IMO as they put number on shorts and this one does not....but again minor gripe....shirt looks sound, shorts fine.
    • Our refs are chimps led by chimps.   They'll still fuck this up.   They recruit people like Peter Walton.   Make no mistake they'll still manage to ruin football.
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