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    • I'd have took this year, for last year.    But, I'd say Philips missing Leeds and Newcastle pretty much sums up this season - there has been a lot of errors from everyone - but, we had gotten ourselves into a bit of form, a good place and Fab was back in the middle making a difference - then Philips gets injured and back to square one. 
    • 2 things for me. The goal bamford had ruled out for pointing where he wanted the ball and his elbow or whatever was deemed offside when measure by feet on the ground he was about a yard onside. And from an LFC perspective, the lack of a centre back on Jan 1 with the "it'll be alright, we're great us" attitude.    Edit and here's the bamford picture for those who don't remember. 
    • Being trying to work out the European places.   I think it works out...   Citeh win the CL or Chelsea win the CL and finish Top 4.   Top 4- CL 5 & 6 EL 7 - Conference    Chelsea win the CL and finish 5th or worse  (let’s just say they finish 5th).   Top 4 - CL Chelsea - CL 6 & 7 - EL 8 - Conference   I’ve noticed the Conference qualification is just a play off place, so no guarantee of getting into it proper. 
        I see they’ve done away with the last 32 rounds for the EL and the Conference and its sides who finish 2nd in their group and drop outs playing in a pulmonary last 16 before an actual last 16.  
    • With the lads we sit with, as much as we laugh sometimes with the mental stuff George plays or says, i do genuinely believe his presence has helped keep some character from my youth at the match. As someone else posted, I wish they'd fuck off that pitch side nonsense, especially for the reading of the teams. It'll be the shame when George finally retires - I remember he planned to either retire when we went to the Hicks Dome or after 1 season there. We've passed some years since then, so I'm assuming he has 1 eye on the exit, if not 2. 
    • Agreed. Winning that match in the face of all that adversity would have added to the belief in the squad, instead we had the adversity of adversities rubbed in our faces in the last minute, probably having the opposite effect. I don't want to indulge in blueshite "ifitadnerbinfer" but that game basically fucked our season. We limped along with muscle memory for a few more weeks but the vast majority of our problems have stemmed from trying to compensate for shit that happened in that game.   Absolute fucking cunts from Woodison to Stockley Park.
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