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    • We won this fixture a year ago on our first visit to Spurs' new stadium, 1-0 thanks to a goal from Bobby. Spurs barely looked to get out of their own half and we didn't look to blow them away. We just got in, got the points and continued on our march towards a maiden Premier League title (or No19 if you want to be accurate). Bobby was frequently doing the business in away games but couldn't buy a goal at Anfield.   We DID blow them away in December 2013, during Brendan Rodgers' spell in charge. A 5-0 blitz at the Lane featuring goals from Hendo, Sterling, 2 from Suarez and even a goal from Jon Flanagan who was in fine form that season. That match signalled the end of Andre Villas-Boas time in charge, with Spurs replacing him with Captain Bellend and his sleeveless jackets. We mullered them again 4-0 later in the season.         One part-time cockney who was riding high in the charts back then was Lily Allen. She was top of the charts with her cover of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know'. It was used for the John Lewis Christmas advert that year and it ain't that good. The original song is very dull too. I don't hate either of them, I just think 'meh'.         There were a few signs that we can offer a goal threat in the FA Cup defeat to the Mancs, and we've badly needed that over the past few weeks. We need something to click in our favour now because luck has deserted us since the Palace game. Being able to select two reliable actual centre backs to play at centre back would be a huge help (we're getting old and we need something to rely on - yes I nicked that from the lyrics!), but we are going to have to continue with Fabinho and probably Matip who IS reliable but not durable. I would be tempted to take on Mourinho at his own game and stifle the shit out of this match. We have to be wary of Tottenham's front 2 showing how clinical they can be, and we're almost certain to come up against a ref and VAR official who allow all sorts of shit to be committed on our players while falling for the antics of the likes of Kane every time. We haven't had a genuine 11v11 contest for quite some time now. Just fucking win!
    • That’s not really true. Hummels and Subotic were very very slow for his title-winning Dortmund side. Their left back Schmelzer was serviceable, but he was a limited footballer. 
    • End of February? Wtf?   He was supposed to maybe ready for the mancs last weekend. 
    • They usually do something, big week next week!   No one expected thiago and jota. Might be a kirkland and dudek style swoop next week, but apparently that was an accident, so maybe something better than that!
    • We earned more than Man City when they won the league in 2019 and earned £175m last season, again the top earnings in the league.    We were all told that the Main Stand would be a game changer and it gets the club an extra £25m a season. The club has barely paid any of it back according to the last set of accounts. The Main stand earns more on it's own than some PL teams entire gate money.  I know this season is different but the stand has been open since 2016.    We earned £90m for 2018 from the CL and £110m for the following year. Also had increased revenue through sponsorship. Even last year when we went out to Atletico we would have earned a higher percentage of TV money by finishing second in the league. This year even more by being Champions.    Our spending never alters now matter how much the club earns. But we earn more than the majority of teams in Europe, never mind the Premier League. We have nowhere near the amount of debt as some European clubs and always manage to sell fringe players for decent money, make profits in transfer windows or break relatively even - but we are always fucking skint.         
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