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    • I thought it was just another sad blue making shit up to make himself feel better but looking at his previous tweets he just seems like a full time wind up artist, even taking the piss out of Everton at various points.    He's done a good job of hooking reds with the bait, blues also making themselves look daft for believing it, and even the occasional Manc.    I think I'll be let this one slide because the whole situation is quite amusing and he doesn't seem to take it very seriously. Top bantz. 
    • Looking at the Anfield expansion thread on Skyscrapercity, all the Evertonians believing that fake FT article. Then read this classic:   "Depends how you determine fan, you may see a lot more Liverpool shirts but doesn't necessarily correlate to being a true football fan. Worked in several bookies around the city and you'd frequently see lads with Liverpool shirts on, whilst the game was on asking 'who Liverpool playing today? Generally find Evertonians care more about football generally too, more knowledgeable about the game and interested in it outside of their club."   Funny because most of the Evertonians I've met in my lifetime only seem bothered about Everton and what Liverpool are doing. Obviously they buy shirts of the teams we play in European finals so maybe he means that. 
    • Why is it called "Bennos" when it's always been known as the Railway?   Round by the Doric is awful, my mate used to live in one of those tower blocks and we went for a pint in the Doric. Crossed over that park with the kids playground and underneath the swings were a load o smackhead needles.    The Caradoc was funny. No draft ale, just cans and bottles they probably got from Costco. Sat in the lounge and there were a load of old milk crates with plywood on top of them. My mate put his feet up on them and the barman told him off for putting his feet up on the stage.
    • It would be great to have Grujic back. I rate him quite highly and he would definitely be good to have around right now. 
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