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    • Made some money off the Evs misfortune 
    • Couple of points:   1. For all the crying about the drop ball/free kick, it’s not as though Fab slotted a direct pass through for someone to score. Most of the WBA defence and midfield were back and if they’d have done their job and not been so fucking slow about it they’d have cleared the ball when it came free from the initial tackle on Mo. So stop your crying and fuck off back to your sister and mother wives. Which brings me to...   2. Sadio did contribute one very important thing. When that ball broke free he made damn sure he got to it ahead of the defender to poke it to Mo, even though the defender was favourite to get it. Mo’s magic boot did the rest.
    • Taking Fabinho out of defence is conceding that we won’t win - at that stage a point becomes a very, very good outcome from Wednesday's game. Results with him at CB in recent months speak volumes, not because of poor performances on his part, but because of what we lose elsewhere on the pitch. Wijnaldum in defence would be the better option if we are that desperate.
    • On a side note at then end of the game  that’s the first time I’ve seen Klopp acting like Klopp for a long time...Understandable given the year he’s had but it was nice to see him celebrating and with those white choppers on display at the end ...   Also said it on another thread Dean gave them everything all game and especially  the free-kick that led to their goal for a non challenge by Thiago but slobber chops is happy to ignore that 
    • No chance that Ancelloti is walking away from £12m quid a year to go to Real or anywhere else. He's still got another 3 years to run on that contract, those fucking idiots.    And his kid is pulling in £4.5m a year too. He must be the highest paid non-manager in the entire league!    Just like always, they well and truly got their pants pulled down. Did they genuinely think Carlo was joining them for sporting reasons? The guy had been bombed out of his past 3 jobs. Before Napoli, the Munich players were in open revolt because training was lax and a fucking joke under him. 
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