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    • The level of hatred they display about us is generally the level they are hurting inside, or worse. Twisted and tormented souls they are to be pitied more than anything else. Hate is a destructive thing and the emotional costs are very high, they have more feelings for our club than they do for their own.    I have some very good reasons to hate certain people in my life, as I am sure do many here. I don't waste my time doing that and instead prefer to share my emotions with people I care about and things I care about. Living in hate must be a sorry existence. I can't imagine that it doesn't spill over into their private lives in some way, so maybe my pity should be aimed more at those around them than actually at them.   Imagine being a very young blue who brings home a hand made Christmas card, suddenly the veins on their fathers head start to grow and the card is ripped to shreds in front of the youngster. The poor kid only went and coloured Santa in red! I have been in homes around xmas that don't have any red at all.   My nan worked as a cleaner at some posh people's house and each year they'd have a clear out of toys, when I was five she brought home a red tricycle which I imagine I got for xmas. Before my father fucked off for good, he hand painted the red tricycle from red to blue with gloss pant. I can only imagine the life I could have had with that bitter bastard around. We had very little but we didn't have abuse or hate. Something I am convinced we would have had if he hadn't fucked off.    So I can't get too angry at their vile comments, they just disgust me. I can't get too angry at their childish and sometimes depraved memes and banners, because what you are seeing is a form of mental illness or at the very least their way of coping with it.    What other fans would boast about new stadium plans, what other fans would be utterly convinced that a new stadium would mean world class players clambering to sign for them. What other fans would be convinced that a new stadium would mean instant titles, trophies and European success. Ask the many teams that have built new stadiums and now languish in the lower tiers how that went. And how the hell are we supposed to care about their new stadium. We have decades of amazing memories attached to Anfield, memories than most can only dream about. I've not met a red that doesn't want them to build their new stadium, although admittedly some of them believe it will bankrupt them, financially I mean as they're already morally bankrupt.    A club that exists for no other reason than to promote hate, they don't ever challenge for anything, they don't win anything and if it wasn't for our losses they would have absolutely nothing to celebrate. At this point I feel I have to point out that football is supposed to be an escape from the pressures of life, supposed to be an entertainment and something that brings joy to your life.    I have lost count of the times I have read people saying that some time in a lower league would be of great benefit to them. I bet that fans of Tranmere enjoy their football more than Everton fans, because while I am not suggesting everton are at the level of Tranmere, at least Tranmere fans are not deluded. Relegation might reset their expectations a little, but they'd probably find a reason to blame us or some football conspiracy when they eventually do get relegated.    Blues point to us for all of their failings, and yet it's their own fans and club they should be taking aim at. Every half decent signing gets 45 minutes to become world class before being booed. If they do manage to rise about the Goodison boos and actually play well, they are sold on for a profit. You have more chance of winning a trophy if you leave everton, as 83 players that have left in the last 25 years will attest to.    I must stress that this isn't all of them, every club has its fair share of wankers. One of my best friends is a blue and a nicer guy you won't ever meet. However for a fair proportion of them, being vile and disgraceful human beings is at least one things they will beat us on every time.       
    • it's all about context though, the context being that he plays for man untited.
    • Really wanted him to succeed here but I think he's had his chances now. If everyone was fully fit he'd be what, sixth choice for a place in the front three, eighth choice as a midfielder? He seems to lack physicality as well as a bit of confidence, doesn't protect the ball well enough when he's pressed and can't really go past an opponent.   It's a shame we've never seen the player who gave us the runaround in that Salzburg game, didn't seem to have any problems with confidence that night.
    • Oh nooos, the bad wacist man say bad fing!   https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/30/edinson-cavani-fa-investigation-social-media-instagram-post   Have fun with the cognitive dissonance, chumps! 
    • Such a simple solution, really would solve all the offside bullshit. 
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