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    • I've never seen a ref be that lenient in a European game before. The likes of Atkinson and Riley are consistent at Premier League level with allowing a bit of a harder game, but usually at European level the refs err on the side of protecting the players.   Origi was shit last night but the couple of times he looked to run onto a pass he got scythed down with challenges that were absolutely nowhere near the ball. Tackles from behind were banned from top level footy in the mid 90s but were permitted to make a resurgence last night.   Wasn't just in Atalanta's favour either - Tsimikas got away with a few before he went in the book, and there were a few times one of our lads caught an opponent, held their hands up to say it was accidental, only to see the ref waving play on.   If anything we weren't going in hard enough. Maybe with a few of our more experienced lads on the pitch we could have adapted a bit, taken advantage of it. Ilicic and Gomez were excellent for them but might not have been so good after a reducer or two.
    • I was expecting that report to be 1 line so hat tip for that.
    • Don't worry Thiago will be back by then doing shapes.
    • My hope for Steven Gerrard at Rangers has always been that he either became the best manager in the world or that he ruined his reputation for all time as a manager, such that he could never be considered as Liverpool manager.   I live in fear that he will prove to be an above-average-but-not-great manager, and that instead of hiring Nagelsmann or giving Pep Lijnders a go when Klopp hangs up his boots (perish the thought!), there will be a groundswell of media and fan pressure for Gerrard to be brought in as LFC manager.   Which, if he actually does become the best manager in the world, then there's no one I'd rather have at the helm than a legend like Gerrard. But if he's, say, the 40th-best manager in the world, but nothing really special, there's no one I'd rather have less, because his legendary status as a player will inevitably make him much harder to sack than it should be (see: Solskjaer).
    • Even if Ajax beat us and it goes to the last game do you honestly think that Ajax and Atalanta are going to play out a draw on the hope we don’t beat Mitdjyland?  If they do and we win then the team with the worse record out of the two of them is going out.  It’s not happening.
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