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    • I would like to know a bit more about it and how it will run alongside the Premier league before I get off the fence.   Is this an ide threat to the PL to back down over PBP or is this a genuine attempt to break new ground and earn more money from a breakaway league.   Will the PL become our U23s (reserves for the old folk in the room).    I think there will be lots of brinkmanship over the next few weeks and maybe a compromise PBP as long as we don't breakaway.   Only thing is we might have to go through with it if the others decide thats what they want. 
    • I'm just waiting for them to find something wrong with him that is so rare, it ends up being called Matip Syndrome.
    • Just seen this. You joke, and I also find these kinds of articles annoying, but the Koumetio thing seems like a genuine, eventual, but obviously quite hopeful van Dijk succession plan from the club.   It's no coincidence he's been fast tracked a bit out of nowhere and it's probably because he's a physically massive, athletic, left sided centre half. The club probably feel if the stars align, he'll be van Dijk junior. Be nice for this season if he was 20 instead of 17 though, cause it's obviously too early to throw him in the fire.
    • Probably just Madrid and Barcelona realising that their bubble has burst and La Liga is behind the PL and the Bundesliga and is probably gonna end up behind the Serie A soon. 
    • It feels wrong, but I increasingly care less about how things feel.   I've had enough of shit-munching peasants hurling abuse about Heysel, Hillsborough, Slippy G etc etc ad infinitum, but when it comes to it, they're only too happy to ride our coat-tails to broadcast riches that, quite frankly, their own level of support doesn't come anywhere near to justifying.   With this, and Big Picture, it seems the crime of clubs like United and Liverpool is to know their value to the league and to try to assert it.   How many people do we think paid 15 quid to watch West Brom v Burnley on pay per view?   Now how many do you think would pay it to watch Liverpool v United?   Without the big clubs the West Hams and Fulhams and Evertons of the world have NOTHING. No product, no money, no anything. Fuck them in their ears. I'm through with having to pretend that these no-marks are our peers, I'm done with the disrespect, the deliberate attempts to injure our players. They had it and they blew it. The golden geese are flying off and they're taking their golden eggs with them.
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