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Featured: That was the week that was (April 12-20 2020)

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Sunday Apr 12:


Hodgson says the season needs to be completed, regardless of how it’s done. Now this is a fella whose team is 11th and has no real stake at the top or bottom. It would be easy for him to jump on the ‘void it’ bus but his comments on this were a lot more sensible than most I've seen of late. 


Basically he said that everyone will have to make compromises on how long they get to prepare the players for the restart, and also that there may need to be a lot of games played in a short space of time. Good stuff from the old boy.


Not so good stuff from Bernardo Silva though, who proved that it’s not just Man City’s press office that has a massive chip on their shoulder about the Reds.


"I hope this is not a bad example, and people don't take it badly. But I always think about the last three seasons, Man City and Liverpool. Three seasons ago we win the league and they were 30 points behind. Kevin De Bruyne, unbelievable season, Mo Salah, scores a lot of goals. He's a great player and I admire him a lot, and they give the award to Mo Salah.”


The way he casually dismissed Mo there - “scores a lot of goals”. He scored 44 goals you cunt. We’re talking about about the most historic goalscoring seasons in English football history. De Bruyne was phenomenal that year and could have won it, but you can’t blame anyone who was swayed by someone scoring 44 goals. Plus, he scored home and away against City in the CL, whereas De Bruyne did fuck all. Like it or not, that influences the voting.


Silva wasn’t done whining though. "The season after, very tight. Raheem Sterling was on the run with van Dijk, they give the award to van Dijk. This season again, Kevin de Bruyne, another unbelievable season. We're behind, but because Liverpool are champions probably one of them is winning the award again."


Cry me a river, short arse. If you want recognition, join a big club. Simple as that.


Monday Apr 13:


Didi Hamann says Werner wouldn’t fit our style. This is completely at odds with the general consensus, and Werner himself has spoken about how the way we play suits him perfectly. It feels like just because he runs around a lot everything thinks he’s a “Klopp player”. 


There’s far more to it than that though and I agree with Hamann, which is not something I say very often as, much as it pains me to say, he’s a bit of a knob. His logic here is sound though. Werner would be a huge drop off from Salah or Mané out wide, and his style is completely different to Bobby’s so if he played central we wouldn’t be able to play the same way.


As I’ve said before, I’m basing this on a small sample size but based on the limited amount I’ve seen him I reckon he’s a bit of a bull in a china shop and doesn’t have the guile required to play in our front three. 



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On 21/04/2020 at 02:16, halewood pete said:

"Cry me a river ,short arse".made me chuckle that Dave.Great read as per usual,thanks.

My favourite was ‘if you want recognition join a big club!’

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