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How the PL could be finished, last rounds by point average system.

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If the unthinkable should happen and we would not be able to finish the season by playing the games, what would be the fair way to finish it?

A goals panel? A draw system based on odds from current standings or a system based on point average with an added sum when you play at home and a point margin that gives you a draw?

We can look at how such a point average system could work like, feel free to come up with suggestions about the system. The idea is to play every round until the end of the season by this system. Whats obvious is that we will win all our games and we crowned Champions.

This is how the points average look like right now.

1. Liverpool 29 - 2,83 p
2. Man City 28 - 2,04 p
3. Leicester 29 - 1,83 p
4. Chelsea 29 - 1,66 p
5. Man Utd 29 - 1,55 p
6. Sheff Utd 28 - 1,54 p
7. Wolves 29 - 1,48 p

8. Arsenal 28 - 1,43 p
9. Spurs 29 - 1,41 p
10. Burnley 29 - 1,34 p
11. Crystal P 29 - 1,34 p
12. Everton 29 - 1,28 p
13. Newcastle 29 - 1,21 p
14. Soton 29 - 1,17 p0,72 p
15. Brighton 29 - 1,00 p
16. West Ham 29 - 0,93 p
17. Watford 29 - 0,93 p
18. B'mouth 29 - 0,93 p
19. A Villa 28 - 0,89 p
20. Norwich 29 - 0,72 p

I'm not certain about the gap where it should be a draw, maybe a margin of 0,20 would be fair and 0,1 points added for the home team?

Please come up with suggestions.

It would look like this.

Burnley 1,34 p (+0,1) - Man Utd 1,55 = draw

Man Utd 1,55 p (+0,1) - Burnley 1,34 p = home win

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The only issue with ending the season that way is for tug relegated teams or ones fighting for 4th. 


Every man and his dog knows we've won it. But the margins are so tight everywhere else, that anything other than games being played will cause mayhem. 


Personally I'd rather they ended it, promoted the first 2 teams from each league but no relegation. Then just relegate 5 the following season. 

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The trouble is that any sensible method of calculating "expected" outcomes of the remaining matches would miss the impact of completely unpredictable results (which always seem to crop up at this stage of the season). If you had a mathematical model that predicted, for example, Watford 3 Liverpool 0, you'd assume it wasn't working and you'd bin it.

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If you used an average based on only the last five? games it would represent current form more accurately. I'm not sure there is any need for any other kind of weighting.

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