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    • Just think of all those Colombian fans they are going to lose. 
    • From the BBC rumours page   https://www.sport.es/es/noticias/real-madrid/bomba-real-madrid-james-rodriguez-11839645   Florentino Pérez has the signing of Kylian Mbappé between his eyebrows , but the bomb of this summer market at Real Madrid may be James Rodriguez . The Colombian midfielder could return to the Whites after three seasons in which he had to leave on loan to Bayern and ended up being transferred to Everton when he did not have opportunities. A surprising operation, but one that has signs of crystallizing according to what is pointed out in their country.   The 'Gol Caracol' journalist Javier Hernández Bonnet has assured that the option has been opened at the request of the coach, Carlo Ancelotti , and that it has many possibilities of crystallizing despite the reluctance of the president, Florentino Pérez. This source assures that James Rodríguez would be willing to assume a salary reduction and that his arrival would not imply any disbursement for the coffers of the white entity , especially if the arrival of Rafa Benítez is confirmed, with whom he already collided with Real Madrid. Reunion with Carletto   Ancelotti's request cannot surprise anyone. The veteran Italian coach already requested the signing of the Colombian midfielder in his previous spell at Real Madrid , took him on loan to Bayern and later claimed him for Everton. It would be their fourth reunion. The Madrid coach is aware of the deficit of midfielders in the Whites' squad and knows that James Rodríguez can offer him a satisfactory performance to give Luka Modric and Toni Kroos air and raise the level of the team with rotations.   HAHAHAHA, this is as much a laugh at Real Madrid as it is at the Bloos. So much to laugh at here, but if the best that Real Madrid can do for a 'galactico' in their current circumstances is the return of Rodriguez, then they truly are fucked.   Then you have to wonder, what the fuck is the deal with him and Ancelotti? Is 'The Eyebrow' shagging the ladyboy on the side? He's brought his son with him on the coaching team, everywhere he's gone, and he's also signed Rodriguez at Bayern and Everton, and now apparently looking to bring him back to Madrid again. It's not like he's performed so spectacularly that he feels he can't afford to be without him.   Not to forget the opening line in the above, which is a translation, but it's hilarious in the wording, especially the context of Ancelotti and his facial features. 'Florentino Perez has the signing of Kylian Mbappe between his eyebrows'   Watch the Bloos twist the narrative into 'Real Madrid wanted OUR manager and now they want our player, not any of the Redshite players'
    • They won't exactly miss the malingering cunt but it would certainly dent their collective ego.
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