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    • I think you’re the one missing the point, mate. Football is already heavily favoured towards those with the most resources (that’s always been the case, even before 1993) but reward has always been linked to performance.   This removes that. That’s a fundamental difference.
    • Madrid what? Earn? The club of the King, open access to loans from the Bank of Spain, how exactly have they fairly earned their titles?    Man City's failures shouldn't be justification for their illegal spending.  But their presence warps everything.  Not just them but also Chelsea, and also Man United floating on the stock market started a lot of this.  They pay insane wages and that trickles down to other clubs.  Not just them, but PSG and Chelsea pay the same, so the best players get their heads turned each year by those three, and that leads to other clubs having to follow suit to try and keep their best players.  Be it Madrid, or Barca or Juventus or us, we end up over-extending ourselves to keep our best players, to the point you look at how it has crippled Barca in the case of Messi.  But then Messi's teammates turn around and go "what about me", and their wages get sucked into his orbit, not at his level, but up they go.    
    • I can't imagine then selling, this isn't some last hail Mary to finally make a profit, they've already increased the value of this asset ten fold, that isn't going to dissappear without the ESL, and most likely will continue going up regardless, it was just an effort to further increase our value. They've tried before, and if this falls through they'll try again in another form. They aren't going to want to sell the goose and risk the buyers being the ones that get the golden eggs.   I like the idea of teams having golden eras, where things fall into place at the right time and they hit the jackpot. We had a good run starting with Shankly, and the succession of great managers that were basically trained in house, after that came to an end we struggled until we had a couple of brief periods with Rafa and now Klopp. We've been shit for the majority of the last 30 years with a few good spells thrown in, and I imagine the same will happen after Klopp while we adjust and fight to get the right ingredients again for a good run.  Same can be said for Man United, they weren't up to much before Ferguson then they dominated, after he retired they struggled again. Same for arsenal with Wenger.    Football had always been cyclical, and I like that, it would be boring winning everything for decades in a row, I enjoy our fights back to the top.    How is it ever going to be like that for City? No matter what happens they will always be in the position to throw money at it, wrong manger? Sack him get another. Wrong signings? Sell them and get another. They can roll the dice infinitely. At worst they'll have one or two seasons not at the top, other teams winning trophies will be the anomaly.   Our current period of relative success will end with Klopp, unless somebody like Pep Lijinders is being groomed to take over and has learnt everything Jurgen knows. Man City's period of dominance ends when they run out of money.
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