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    • We are European Champions and top of the league by a silly number of points by so it seems a bit twatty to kick off about not signing a player.  Chelsea can take the piss but the reality is he’s not going to turn them in to league winners and Lampard will be sacked within 18 months.  They can sign celebrating players while we celebrate trophies.   BUT we’ve all seen this story before and we know where it leads.  The difference this time is we are top and not second.  It’s difficult to not see it playing out the same way as before though.  While we are top we should be trying our best to stay there because that brings the possibility of matching revenues of United and Real which would then mean we could compete in the long term without having the greatest manager in the world working miracles every season because he won’t always be here.
    • Yeah a poster who hasn’t posted for months comes out of the woodwork to up neg count. Who’d have guessed.
    • here we go with the misinformation. The club wasnt boughtfor $350m, it was £350m including the debt. The exchange rate at the time meant the dollar rate made the deal closer to $650m.   Recent valuation put the club's value at anything between £1.25bn and £1.7bn https://www.forbes.com/teams/liverpool/#254b82506045   Yes, there's a tidy £1bn 'profit' but it isnt realised until someone pays that for the club. In other words, the 'profit' isnt ready cash that can be spent unless you mortgage something off or against it.   Ive said it before, Im perfectly ok with the owners making the club self sufficient and Im glad we're no a no mark club like city, chelsea and PSG etc who live off handouts from mega rich men.   Er what? Sky tv and other broadcaster's money makes up something like 45% of the club's income. In our CL winning years, tv income was worth £250m to the club. Jurgen was speaking to Werner for some time but it also transpires Liverpool wound down contact a couple of months ago.   If Im honest, Im disappointed Werner looks like he's going to chelsea, pretty much the same as when Pulisic went there instead. I think both would have developed here under Jurgen. Under fwank, they'll win a few games for him but he's a tactical midget compared to Jurgen.   Werner wont be the last transfer target we miss so im not going to lose sleep over it.
    • I think the point is that they may need the money but that has no impact on Werner.  He could easily turn around and say I’m not going anywhere unless it’s Liverpool.  If you need money then you’re going to have to accept whatever Liverpool offer
    • The reaction of some on here to the unconfirmed news that Wener is going to Chelsea is embarrassing. The foot stamping bitchiness, accompanied with forecasts of the apocalyptic destruction of the whole Liverpool empire, is vomit inducing in its spoiled brattishness. Truly embarrassing.    By the way, our season resumes on the 21st. Anyone interested? 
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