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Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0 (Mar 3 2020)

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Another disappointing game, we really look out of sorts and haven’t really played well since Leicester away.

When things went against us at Watford and Chelsea we didn’t seem to have the ability to give ourselves a slap and say “Come on!”.

Maybe we need to get a bit more ruthless?

For instance, that run by Barclay? He wouldn’t have got past the centre circle had it been City. 

Even Chelsea, despite their recent tail off, they were ankle tapping and holding, standard Chelsea things, but we don’t seem to do that, certainly not as much as other teams do.

I’m not condoning the “darker arts”, or applauding what City and Chelsea et al do, but we get bullied too much at times I think. 
Atlético’s shithousery proved that, and no doubt they will try to do it again in the return.

We’ve come a long way being as we are, which is fabulous, but I think now and again, we need to show we won’t be taken for mugs by teams who will try it on to disrupt us with foul play.


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On 05/03/2020 at 12:20, Supremolad said:

Origi playing from the left is the single most annoying decision consistently taken. I see people slag Origi off for being shite but in the last couple games when he started at centre forward this season, he scored twice vs Arsenal and twice vs Everton.


Center forward is Origi's best position. Klopp really has to ditch this experiment of playing him on the left. He is always absolutely woeful there as Dave correctly pointed out.

He keeps the ball and creates ‘chances’ ie gives it to someone better to have a go with. 


I like Big Div, but his limitations, especially when asked to play from the left, are so obvious to anybody who doesn’t get paid to play, coach, win football games.

I don’t know shit though and Jürgen has won big ears and, should, win the league this year, so I’m sure he’s right.


Edit: As an aside, anyone remember when we tried to play N’Gog as a winger? That was hilarious.

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