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It was done on a points system I think so hard to argue but its surprising to not see our 87-90 side up there. I think being our of Europe meant they didn't get a European Cup or two that would have almost certainly happened with that bunch. 


1 - Liverpool 1975-1978 (Bob Paisley)
2 - Man Utd 2006-2009 (Alex Ferguson)
3 - Liverpool 1981-1984 (Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan)
3 - Man Utd 1998-2001 (Alex Ferguson)
5 - Nottingham Forest 1977-1980 (Brian Clough)
6 - Arsenal 2001-2004 (Arsene Wenger)
6 - Chelsea 2004-2007 (Jose Mourinho)
8 - Tottenham 1960-1963 (Bill Nicholson)
8 - Everton 1984-1987 (Howard Kendall)
10 - Aston Villa 1980-1983 (Ron Saunders / Tony Barton)
10 - Man Utd 1965-1968 (Matt Busby)
12 - Leeds 1968-1971 (Don Revie)



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15 minutes ago, bizzle10 said:

Amazed King Kenny not worth a mention there 3 league titles including a double when it was rare and that 87-88 team is still for me the best team we ever had.

Done with max points for winning in europe. 

It was an interesting debate. Enjoyed it.

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Team over a three year period and max points for European win;


Euro cup win           5

League win             4

UEFA/CWC win        3

FA Cup win             2

League cup win       1

UEFA Super/World   1


Euro cup run up      2

League run up        1


Full discussion;



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So by my calculations our current side have 14 points based on the last three seasons (I'm awarding us the title this year) with the possibility of adding more from this year's CL and FA Cup.



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9 hours ago, johnsusername said:

I think our 87/90 team would beat any of them. Hard to compare eras though. 

And had it not been for the European ban then those lads would have brought home at least another 2 European Cups.

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