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    • “He’s cumbersome and sluggish yet his pace saves him” ...Makes as much sense as a bloke pushing 60 still wearing an earring 
    • Charlie Nicholas has offered a somewhat critical view regarding the form of Virgil Van Dijk this season.

      The Sky Sports pundit believes the Dutchman has not been at the same level as he was last year.

      Football 365 via Sky Sports reported the former Arsenal striker as saying:

      "Has he been as good as last year? No. 

      “He looks cumbersome and sluggish at times, but his pace can rescue him.

      “He has pace and purpose on the ball, while having a great awareness of danger He never jumps in and rarely dives in.

      “If someone is really quick, they may have a chance, or if a player is tricky, they could send him the wrong way, but he stands up and asks them to do something, meaning the player would normally lay it off.   "He has an authority within the game."

      While thinking that Van Dijk has not been up to his elite standards this campaign, Nicholas does not doubt his ability and still believes he should be in the Premier League team of the season.  

      “Is he as good as what people think?   "Yes, he is that good. People are scared to test him. Little balls in behind can make him vulnerable, but who isn’t? 

      “He is a leader and has such a response of being on the ball, whether it be 10 yards or 60.   "He is good in the air both in attack and defence, he has to be in the team of the season.”

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    • Isn't it just Johnny H? 
    • OK. Let's try the debating thing.   The first point about "sound economic judgement" is demonstrable bullshit.  In 2010 when David Cameron's coke-addled fag (in the public school sense of the word) launched a decade of cuts to jobs, pay, pensions, services and benefits he did so "to deal decisively with our country's record debts". https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2010/jun/22/emergency-budget-full-speech-text   After 9 years of Tory rule, the National Debt had increased by £760 billion. https://www.statista.com/statistics/281761/national-debt-of-the-united-kingdom-uk/   By the Tories' own measure, their handling of the economy has been a calamitous failure.   The second point about "realistic social responsibility" is baffling. What the fuck does it mean? I would argue that, realistically, a wealthy country has a social responsibility to provide decent jobs, decent and sufficient housing, proper pensions, investment in technologies to minimise and mitigate climate change, efficient public services, free access to good quality education and  - of course  - universal, comprehensive healthcare, free at the point of use. Presumably, based on their track record, Tories would have a significantly different interpretation of that phrase.   If @CurtisJones hasn't skulked off to lurk for a couple more years, like some neoliberal cicada, maybe he could clarify what he means by "realistic social responsibility".
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